Friday, March 06, 2009

I've been busy, how 'bout you?

Tsock #1 has left the building (ok, this announcement is a few days late, but better than no notice at all...)

There are actually still a few spaces left in the club. How do I know? I dyed some extra. Once those are gone, the spaces are full. Here's tsock #1 to intice you:

The shepherd had a birthday recently. When he asked me to pick up beer at the store, I couldn't help but laugh when I found these:

I am particularly fond of the one on the right - black wensleydale. Now if only they came with a 4 oz ball of roving.... guess you can't have everything perfect.


Colleen said...

I love the pattern and the yarn, as usual. I also love my rose garden perk, and my daughter was absolutely delighted with the Yarn Fairy pink yarn!!!!! She said she's gonna make some pink socks.

You do's hard to delight a teenager! Miss Nora should watch out!

Caroline M said...

Hasn't the beer travelled, the Black Sheep comes from not that far from here. Does it tell you on the back why it's called Black Sheep?

As for the tsocks, I'm not missing you at all, I bought a RH loom this week and my mind is filled with weaving.

Dan said...

And was the beer good sheep beer? My, that's a lot of packages.