Monday, April 28, 2008

It was on Fire when I laid down on it.

Ok, so I've found (borrowed) a cable for the camera, and found some wonderful pictures. I don't have a bunch of time, so here's what I found on the camera (warning, tons of pics):

Mah couch on Fire, let me show u it:

FireBird that is, colorway: HellFire. plus the gold skeinlets to go with, and the orange in the corner is a byproduct. Every so often I would have to exhaust out a gold dye pot that gradually would go 'orange' after a few rounds of red skeins swimming around to gold-i-fy them. (that's a technical dye term, btw.)

So, how is HellFire made, you ask? My mess, let me show u it.

First we lay out the skeins and start adding red.

then we add WAY more red. (and a little more for good measure)

Then we do something arcane with a pot of gold, more red, and some steam to produce this:

After it set the couch (aka the packing department) on fire, it went to Dave-of-the-Post-Office, and I have proof he exists:

Mommy-Giraffe was a BIG help.

While I was dyeing Firebird (and vintage, and everything else) Nora got bored and wanted to dye some yarn. She wanted to dye green yarn, and so I give you Nora's favorite chewing gum, Mint-Mojito:

And also, more lambs were born:

and in fact more lambs born today but no pics yet.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to the dye pots. I know your still waiting on your kit or yarn or both and I appreciate your patience.

Friday, April 18, 2008

From under the debris

I post this in a haze of migraine meds (no, it's not imitrex. no, I am not taking it, cannot take it, will never voluntarily endure take it again - giving birth was less painful).

Important facts:

  1. All of the Firebird kits have shipped out, as of Tuesday the 15th. International kits were shipped out by the 12th. (except for Irene. Sorry. I'll be better next time now that your in the mailing label list.)
  2. If you are concerned your kit is not the Large you expected, the skein should be tied with a black thread, and your gold lace skein should be a doubled small skeinlet, about 5-6 inches long. If instead it's a small button skeinlet, and your main color is tied with 2 white threads... well, you should get in touch with me before you cast on. Please note: this does not apply to all kits across the board. If you have questions on say, your Kitri kit, give me a shout.
  3. I am dyeing and shipping out backorders (and have been all week) on a daily basis. I admit this week has not gone quite as well as I had hoped in really getting caught up. I blame the school systems for scheduling some insane thing called 'spring break'.
  4. An extension of number 3 above, there is a 5 year old in the house. All Day.
  5. I have amazing photos from the last week or so. I cannot find my camera cable. The amount of migraine meds leaves me in a state where I find myself putting the camera next to the computer and muttering 'make pictures go'. Osmosis is not working, but I'm hopeful.
  6. There is a new set of twins, 2 girls - one white, the other black/white spots. I'd show you a picture... never mind.
  7. If you've tried to reach me via phone or email in the last couple of days, things have not been working here. Spotty at best, our phone line from the pole to the house works but under the house things have degenerated into a state where 2 cans and some string would work better. Needless to say, my DSL rides the same string. As of now, in my desperation, (and probably to stop me from muttering 'make internetz go') my spouse has strung a phone line from the pole, into the living room window, and moved the dsl modem and phone directly to that outlet. I'd show you a picture... never mind.
  8. I have a migraine. Have I mentioned this yet? The monitor has a lovely halo now, and I've had enough. I will catch up with the rest of things tomorrow, after several hours with an ice pack and more meds. I have a pile of packages ready to go to the post office tomorrow. I'd show you a picture... never mind.