Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fall 2005 Newsletter

Vancalcar Acres
Fall 2005 newsletter
392 Elwood rd Ft. Plain, NY 13339

Well I can’t believe we’re well into fall here. We’ve already had a very early snow storm that left us with a scattering of heavy snow that was gone the next day.
We had a booth at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck this year, and have just gotten everything finally put away from that event. We got to meet a few of you face to face finally, and had a wonderful time visiting with old friends. We introduced acrylic as a spinnable, blendable fiber in both 100% and a wool – acrylic blend ranging from 30 – 45% depending on which color you chose. So far, the feedback has been good we’re looking forward to having many other colors available soon on the website!
The website is finally up! We’re still updating things, and adding pictures but there’s a lot to see on the new site, so visit us there at www.nysfarm.com
Oscar the Border Collie is working himself into the family very well. He’s had a few formal lessons and has been a HUGE help around the farm, almost from the first day he joined us! Even the guard dogs like him. Speaking of guard dogs, we’ve adopted one more Italian Maremma here on the farm. Her name is Mya and she is a gentle and affectionate dog. But don’t get on her bad side! I don’t think we’ve ever heard a louder, deeper warning bark than hers! We are thrilled to have her here with us.
The calves & pigs are doing great, as are the birds. The rams are across the street grazing pastures down and conserving their strength for the coming breeding season. We will be using 8 rams this year, as we gear up for about 300 breeding ewes!! Just wait until lambing starts J
We finally managed to find time and warm enough weather to move some strawberry plants into the garden. Looking forward to summer already!
Several of the sheep on the Rent-a-Sheep program were snatched up at the Festival in October. The listings are posted at the website, www.nysfarm.com but pictures are not quite there yet. Thankfully, we’ve finally gotten a new digital camera and we’re working on pictures this week of the animals, new rovings and yarns that are available. Don’t forget to check back!
There are still a few freezer lambs available, our next date with the USDA butcher is Nov. 14th which is FAST approaching! If you miss out, contact me about individual cuts, ground, or sausage by the pound. Shipping is available to most areas, contact me with your zipcode to check.
Pelts are currently sold out, but we’ll have more available soon. Please check back in a few weeks.
For information on the ‘Rent a Sheep’ program here at our farm, visit our new website www.nysfarm.com and stop by the WoolRoom. If you have any questions about anything going on here at the farm, or would like to arrange a visit/tour, please get in touch with us. Contact@nysfarm.com

Thanks for letting us keep in touch with you,
Jennifer, Eric, & Nora, the sheep, cows, pigs, dogs & birds all say hello!