Monday, March 30, 2009

Monsters vs Aliens

Top movie of the weekend. Did you see it? I didn't get a chance - we were busy working on what will be the next blog post I make when I'm done editing pics & figuring out how best to describe things.
In the meantime, I see it made it to #1 in the box office... I find it serendipitous (fun word to say) that I have yarn called Monster Mash. I think in honor of the movie, we'll put that one on sale 10% off.
Monster Mash was the brainchild of a good friend Twiggi who came over for a dye-day. I gave her color cards and roving, she gave me Monster Mash. More serendipity (still fun to say). Twiggi is also who gave me this 'Knitter's Treasure' box for Christmas. Very cool, with stitch markers, tape measure and ribbon be-decked chart keepers, all color coordinated to the tin (except maybe the tape measure) and she has some on her etsy site for sale. Great bonus gift for swap packages!
Well, I've got to get back to work. Pretty in Pink calleth, and miss woolybrains, that is a very good idea on the Pretty in Pink with the Cafe au Lait. I think we'll give that a go today as well.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Found the camera...

Cafe au lait - 2 shades of a rich brown, knits up in stripes (I still like the stripes)
Monster Mash (Nora approved this one but is not the dyer - she says it looks just like 'Sully' in Monster's Inc.) Random bold 'spots' of bright green and briliant violet.
Also, not a new color but it makes me think of spring, and so it's 10% off right now until I get tired of dyeing it. It's sweet, simple, and spring in shades of pink tulips.
Pretty in Pink:
Go buy some! I'll wait here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

random list.

20 skeins of bacon: check. (Faith! Incoming!)
dyed roving: check.
plum shadows in new bamboo to test: check. (Pat! Incoming!)
1 scarf woven, 2nd scarf started: check.
22 skeins of Claret: check.
36 skeins of cuff for 9 Tailors Kits: check.
150 bars of soap including 48 frogs in 2 shades of green and 6 dragonfly bars: check.
New colorway (picture as soon as I find the camera) designed by guest artist and approved by Nora, called Monster Mash: check.
Began sorting Yarn Fairy skeinletts (picture of some of the yarn somewhere on this post) into 4oz grab-bags to post on website: check.
1 out of 3 rugs felted: check.
2 loads of laundry: check.
today's 'to do' list written including Roxie, more roving, and felting 2nd rug): check.

hello, sleep? hmm. I knew I forgot something.

Friday, March 06, 2009

I've been busy, how 'bout you?

Tsock #1 has left the building (ok, this announcement is a few days late, but better than no notice at all...)

There are actually still a few spaces left in the club. How do I know? I dyed some extra. Once those are gone, the spaces are full. Here's tsock #1 to intice you:

The shepherd had a birthday recently. When he asked me to pick up beer at the store, I couldn't help but laugh when I found these:

I am particularly fond of the one on the right - black wensleydale. Now if only they came with a 4 oz ball of roving.... guess you can't have everything perfect.