Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's in a Name?

I just checked, and I cannot believe it has been more than a month since my last post. And then I got to thinking about what's been going on for that month, and I guess I can see how time flew by.

In the beginning of the month, Glenna moved up from Texas to work here for us. We got her technically moved into an apartment, but I didn't give her time to actually unpack anything. The recent club kit York & Lancaster needed to get dyed, packed up & out the door. As soon as it flew, we took a look at the 'Rhinebeck Plan 2008'. We immediately realized that the most critical issue was not the 'how much yarn' question, the dyeing, the inventory, or (my favorite) what's for dinner. It was our name. What's in a name? Well, we're not exactly Vancalcar 'ACRES' at the moment. This pointed out the problem with naming a business after a specific location... we'd moved and hadn't taken the location with us.

We do plan to move back to a farm, and we've been looking to no avail. It felt as though we'd taken a holiday from farming that will last the winter here. And so, with that reference, this just seemed appropriate:

It's even been sighted in the wild, by a club member:

So! Now that it's official, Please note that Rhinebeck still knows us as Vancalcar Acres, but we'll have new 'signage' in the booth with the new name etc. and you can find us in our regular digs there in space 26D - Building 26 is closest to the 4-H entrance/gate.

Speaking of Rhinebeck, the Pixie has created this amazing techno-yarn 'thing' using some magic called 'MSProject' and more magic called 'Excel'. The magic tells her (and she cracks the whip) how much yarn I have to dye per day to get ready for Rhinebeck, and I find it suspiciously similar to the numbers I faced without Pixie Magic... no chickens this time at least. (You folks remember 'The Plan', don't you?) At least I've got 6 weeks 4 weeks 22 days 20 days left (they make me stop dyeing to pack the truck and drive).

Plenty of time. I'll just dye a few extra skeins a day...