Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get them while they're Hot!

Golden West

Frozen Margarita

York & Lancaster (socks AND mitts)

Available now on the website! http://www.holidayyarns.com/

Next up on the to-do list... 2010 Tsock club. While you wait, go knit yourself a pair of Cowboy Boots ;-)

Monday, October 26, 2009

We have a Winner!

Nora picked Rachel - tomorrow we'll mail out your Stitch Saver! Nora also said she wanted to pick more winners. She wanted to pick 20 winners. We made a deal; when 200 people enter the blog contest, she could pick 20 winners. Tell your friends, and we'll have more contests.

In the meantime, if you didn't win... you can have a stitch marker as well, but you need to go here to get them. I've used mine more than I care to admit ;-)

ETA - thanks Colleen for the heads-up. Fixed it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

What I do in my spare time.

Recently, I had an appointment with an Occupational Therapist. I described in detail what I do with all this yarn. Then she asked me what I do in my 'Leisure Time'. I looked at her blankly for several long seconds. Leisure Time? I pulled my knitting out of my bag. She looked blankly at me for several long seconds. I took off my shoe and showed her my hand-dyed, hand-knit sock. She looked at me for another handful of seconds. I thought hard. Finally, I told her... in my 'Leisure Time' I dye yarn. And Fiber. And I knit. And weave. And sometimes felt. And spin... And I hang out with people who do these things and we do them together... She finally summed up for me "So, you do the same thing for Leisure time that you do for 'work time'?"

Finally. Someone who understands me.

So, here's some of my 'leisure time' items (please note that both woven items are Sock Yarn - delightful weaving yarn):

1.) Inkle Loom warped with 2 strands together of undyed Bamboo-Ewe and Car-Cozy in light blue.

2) Student project - doubleweave plaid blanket on the unknown/no-name loom. She's doing a wonderful job, and while it's slow-going changing colors, I am insanely jealous and want to weave it when she goes home. (Note: must resist urge to weave student's project.) Warp in white, light blue, and Midnight Blue used in Cleopatra - weft is the same.

Gifties: A gift from 5elementknitr - it's a stitch saver (not marker, SAVER). When you drop a stitch, it's the handiest little tool. In a previous life it was a crochet hook - now, it's my best friend. Perfect size to pick up drops on socks, and stays where I hook it on my project bag. (If this gives the impression that I pick up dropped stitches for my 'Leisure Time', let's just say, it's been known to happen.)

I think we should have a contest and give one away. Yours won't say 'Yarn Fairy' but will instead be adorned with a sweet little bead, making for an elegant looking tool for those 'delicate' moments when you swear like a sailor. It will look something like this, the bead may be different. So... how do you win? Comment, of course! I'll have Nora use her excellent 'choosing' skills (eeni meeni minee mo) to pick the winner. We'll give it a couple of days, plan to be the winner by Monday.So... what's coming next, you ask? So glad you did because I have new things to offer to you ;-) I'm updating the website with these Totally Tsuper Tsock Kits:
Stay tuned for web updates so you can haz them.

Also coming in the next day or so?
It's time folks; Time to sign up for the 2010 Tsock Club.

You ain't seen nuthin' yet.

Monday, October 19, 2009

where the H-E-double-hockey-sticks does the time go??

This is the usual 'holy-crap I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged' statement. (It should prob. be the standard disclaimer or small print or something by now.)

I had a wonderful and amazing time at Rhinebeck, and I think I've brought home a delightful head cold that feels like pneumonia, but I digress.

Rhinebeck was as usual, amazing. I cannot do it justice here in this post, and will be shamelessly stealing pictures from others as I seem to have completely and totally neglected to TAKE A SINGLE PHOTOGRAPH all weekend. I didn't even take a picture of BrewerGnome changing out of his kilt into pants right in the middle of the booth. I know. Sad. I will instead post 2 pictures for you to enjoy:

Yarn that is NOT a Polar Bear in a Snow Storm:

And in other news, Nora turned 7. And a day later, another life-milestone:
And with that, I leave you now to go drink garlic & lemon juice, and put more Oil of Oregano under my tongue & go to bed.