Monday, October 19, 2009

where the H-E-double-hockey-sticks does the time go??

This is the usual 'holy-crap I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged' statement. (It should prob. be the standard disclaimer or small print or something by now.)

I had a wonderful and amazing time at Rhinebeck, and I think I've brought home a delightful head cold that feels like pneumonia, but I digress.

Rhinebeck was as usual, amazing. I cannot do it justice here in this post, and will be shamelessly stealing pictures from others as I seem to have completely and totally neglected to TAKE A SINGLE PHOTOGRAPH all weekend. I didn't even take a picture of BrewerGnome changing out of his kilt into pants right in the middle of the booth. I know. Sad. I will instead post 2 pictures for you to enjoy:

Yarn that is NOT a Polar Bear in a Snow Storm:

And in other news, Nora turned 7. And a day later, another life-milestone:
And with that, I leave you now to go drink garlic & lemon juice, and put more Oil of Oregano under my tongue & go to bed.


Colleen said...

I love the smile!!!!! Is the other wiggly? She's right on schedule to sing that song.....All I want for Chrithmath ith my two front teeth!

Congratulations, Nora!

And feel better, Jennifer. Do you do cold wet socks under wool socks, to pull the fluid from your head, so you can sleep? yeah, I know, it sounds horrible...but I find it helps...ok...I know, it sounds even weirder, than horrible...but you know those colds where it feels good to go outside, and get the cold on your face? That's when it really helps...

Pat S said...

Feel better soon! - and holy cow, can we put a stop to Nora growing up so fast?

FaithEllen said...

Is "polar bear in a snowstorm" the official colorway that I asked for? :)

Chalyn said...

feel better.

and one of these days, when i actually make it to rhinebeck, i will be your official photog. cool?

kimberlym said...

Happy Birthday to Nora!

Hope you feel better soon!

and love the Not a polar bear in a snow storm (name and yarn color)