Sunday, January 27, 2008

So Close...

So Eric & I have been pretty focused lately on numbers. Specifically, the number of skeins of yarn yet to be dyed. We talk about it quite a bit I guess, because this morning before running off with dad to the Library, Nora left me this 'note'.
She told me "this is the number of yarns to dye while I'm gone."
"If you forget, you can look at it until I get home."

Here's the note:

Here's the couch:

She told me when she got home, that I didn't quite get enough done. Taskmaster, that one.

**If you are still waiting for your kit, I appreciate your patience! This past few days (and the current weekend), have been all about dyeing everything needed for the outstanding orders.

Assembly is the name of the game.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I know there's a title here somewhere...

Hi! I dyed almost 80 skeins of yarn today, how 'bout you? Yesterday's batch(es) are being (re)-skeined, and tomorrow's skeins are prepped & ready to hit the dye pots. Do you know that moment when you feel everything come together, and for one brief shining moment (I feel a show-tune coming on - Camelot here I come) you are one with the universe? Ya, it was a good day.

Tomorrow is a holiday at the post office, so I'll be packing up some eleventy-billion kits to go out bright & early Tuesday morning. I love hitting the post office with more packages than will fit in the building. The post office here is so small, that until the recent postage increase requiring weight AND measurements.... all he had was a scale. Nora loves that post office because she gets to put the stamps on - this place is so small they do not have anything automated. Once or twice I've sent out some hefty boxes. They looked like some old lady who'd been saving stamps finally mailed out that fruit cake she'd baked a billion years ago. Nothing says crazy lady like $17.00 in self-stick stamps covering 1/3rd of the package. (way to use up those .03 cent stamps, small-town postmaster.) If that was your package please know I'm not crazy. The postmaster is.

Good news on the Tsocks 101 Kit and the Fiber Festival Kit: New Base Yarn has been found! After much searching, swatching and testing, a new base yarn to replace the discontinued yarn has been ordered. If you've ordered either (or both) of those kits, the yarn will be here next week, and as soon as the paint's dry, so to speak, your kit will wing it's way to your door.

And look! The latest batch of sheep's milk soap is just about cured.

Ok, the last batch of yarn is done, and my 'break' is over!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I was all set to take pics of yarn today.... and the batteries are dead. For once, we can't blame Nora's Disney Princess Phone... They're in the charger now, but they take a few hours to charge (and I have GOT to remember to turn the camera off after downloading pics).
So in the meantime, just a quick update.

If you've purchased a sock kit or yarn, I'm working on it. It's going to take a few days to get all caught up, but since the dye pots & I live in the same house.... well, let's just say it's more than a 9:00 to 5:00 job around here.

If you've joined the Club (all the cool kids are doing it ya know), expect to hear from me in a few days... still catching up and getting everyone in the database. There's still room... come sign up!

On the health front, we're still suffering a bit from lingering bronchitis & head colds here, and last night I almost had a bit of a panic attack because people, Nora SNEEZED. Twice. Never has such a small reaction to (hopefully) dust or other minor allergens caused such a reaction in me. Quick! Everyone have a zinc swab & some echinacea. Have a couple, and a glass of orange juice while your at it.

I have big plans to log on again tonite with pictures, when I take my next break from the dye pots and knock back another Emergen-C drink, we'll see (film at 11, don't ya know).

Thursday, January 10, 2008

4.2 seconds allotted for blog post.

Ready? Go!

First, for those of you who participated in the recent Secret Santa Project, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I do, but she does it better:

"OMG! Thank you soooo much to anyone who may have contributed!
I am so excited and happy and CRYING!
You have no idea how much this just made my day!
You tell those folks that I LOVE THEM TOO!!! Thank you all so much, I can hardly take it all in!"

I think she's happy, don't you? Here's what we gave her:

There's just a WHACK of yarn there, from STR to alpaca, from lace to worsted. A lovely collection of Avon goodies. Gift cards from Target, Home Depot, and Meijer (that's a midwest grocery/everything chain. Those of you who've never been in one, don't know what your missing). Movies for the kids (and family) to enjoy, and what's that in the background? A digital camera! (I feel just like Bob Barker.)
For those of you who contributed via check or paypal, you helped purchase the grocery card at Meijer, as well as these items she'd been doing without (they shipped directly to her):
You guys are the best!

Now! On to new 'news'. Just as I begin to recover from bronchitis... Barely recovered enough to get up off the floor... but in time to hit the ground running:

In case you hadn't already heard, the Yarn Harlot is a leaf-lover. (No, that's not a new term for tree-hugger.) She picked up a Vintage Kit at Rhinebeck and has begun knitting.... leaves. Go see the wee things, I'll wait here.
Aren't they great? They are great. They are also the reason why I only have 4.2 seconds to blog this evening. I have to go dye leaf-yarn! Lots and lots of leaf-yarn. To go with lots and lots of Vintage Kits. So, the dye pots are dyeing, the skeins are drying, and the dyer is well... dyeing.

And it's a multi-tasking party over here:

**Note to Colleen: 2/3rds of the way through your yarn ma'm.
**Note to Holly: almost finished carding your fleece!
**Knittingfiddler: I have NOT forgotten your 'best socks ever' project that languishes here.
**Tsarina: 'hand' yarn, navy blue yarn, flames & stuff. ya, ya. It's on the list.
**Susan: Yarn Party custom colorway: Got it, you'll have it.
**JanetK: Your replacement contest winnings have not been forgotten, and we hates that they were lost. (To whoever at the post office has some lovely yarnz now, give em' back - they are not yurz.)

Anybody need anything else? Bring it on. I've got cold medicine and caffiene: I can take the pressure. (now if you'll excuse me, I need to go collapse in a heap and has anyone seen mommy's bottle of wine?)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Someone asked...

I was trying to tell someone recently about this picture, it used to be on the website a long time ago (in a galaxy... well, nevermind). Anyways, I found it stashed on the ol' desktop in the bedroom, so for a walk down memory lane... I give you the rams. Not the brightest, ok, well one of them is obviously smarter than the other, but rams none the less.