Sunday, February 15, 2009

Roxie Breaks Out!

Last Kit from the 2007 Tsock Club is finally on the loose!

Roxie: The jazz-baby with the smoking gun. The beauty of the cell-block. The sweet-faced little flapper you wanted to take home to mother - if only you could bust her out of the clink.
That Roxie.

  • Diagonal Mesh 'stockings' worked opposite directions to mirror each other.
  • Beaded 'skirts'.
  • Picot edged hem on her 'waistband'

She's in stock now, ready to go! This kit uses our Bamboo-Ewe sock yarn - a blend of merino, bamboo, and nylon at our regular 8st/inch guage. It is not superwash, so... just as you'd handle Roxie herself -- with plenty of care, we suggest you hand-wash these babies.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I smell Bacon!

It took some time. It took some trials. There are skeins that didn't make the grade. Bacon has marbling. The fat runs through the meat and vice versa. I have quite a bit of bacon in the freezer from our own pastured porkers, so I have plenty of samples to compare against. (nomnomnom) Each skein is an individual, slightly different from all the others, just like packages of bacon.

So.... what do you think? Do you smell Bacon?

If so, you may now purchase your very own grass-fed bacon yarn here.

(**Disclaimer: Not responsible for drool in keyboards, cholesterol increases, or greasy yarn.)