Sunday, February 15, 2009

Roxie Breaks Out!

Last Kit from the 2007 Tsock Club is finally on the loose!

Roxie: The jazz-baby with the smoking gun. The beauty of the cell-block. The sweet-faced little flapper you wanted to take home to mother - if only you could bust her out of the clink.
That Roxie.

  • Diagonal Mesh 'stockings' worked opposite directions to mirror each other.
  • Beaded 'skirts'.
  • Picot edged hem on her 'waistband'

She's in stock now, ready to go! This kit uses our Bamboo-Ewe sock yarn - a blend of merino, bamboo, and nylon at our regular 8st/inch guage. It is not superwash, so... just as you'd handle Roxie herself -- with plenty of care, we suggest you hand-wash these babies.

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