Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What I did on my Vacation. Part 1

When Sock Summit ended, and the boxes were packed up, the family did something rarely heard of: Vacation. We visited family on the west coast, spent time at the beach, and generally enjoyed ourselves - except for the couple of visits to Ready-Care/ER, it was great. (Ear Infection & headcolds just before take-off, anyone?)
Anyways, while packing for the vacation, I had to keep reminding myself that I only needed to pack light knitting for the flight to GET to Sock Summit. From there and for the rest of the trip, I would be able to choose from whatever was left from the almost 400lbs of product I had shipped out there. It was hard not to worry I'd run out of yarn, but since there was nothing but a few scraps left here... there wasn't much left to do but leave.

SO, you saw the socks I knit from the 'Sky's the Limit' colorway (which is now available on the website with the other Dye for Glory colorway entries), those were my 'fly to sock summit' knitting. When it came time to pack up for the vacation part, I packed a little more. I packed a 1/2 finished baby surprise in sock weight 2 strands held together. I packed a just-started baby surprise in worsted 'Fat Sheep' wool. I grabbed 2 skeins of Garnet for socks (2 because I planned to knit from the skein, and want to knit one at a time). I picked up a Yarn Fairy Grab Bag (500yds of different colored skeinletts). I took a 1/2 knit summer tank-top in sock yarn on size 6 needles, and I packed up some roving... and this: Borneo Rosewood, 30gms, crafted by Ed Jenkins:

Now you all should know by now that I'm happiest with fast projects. My dream project is one that finishes looking like a traditional Orenburg Lace Shawl at it's fanciest interpretation, but only takes 20 minutes to make. (I'll let you know when I find it.) Spinning is something I (usually) prefer on a wheel, as it's faster and more productive than it's Mother the spindle. But this has my attention. It spins. It spins FAST. It spins F O R E V E R and I lurves it. and it weighs just a dust-mote more than fairy spit. And also, it's 'Turkish' and this alone is fun to say. Try it: Turkish Spindle. (Actually, it's a 'Turkish Delight' Spindle.) Sounds exotic and romantic and conjurs images of women in 7 veils lounging by the pool in the harem, lazily spinning out silk or some such nonsense. (Usually, it's just me with an extra 15 pounds - you'd think I ATE the turkish delight - & wearing comfy sweats, wondering what the heck is for dinner.)
But I digress. We were talking of knitting. So, ironically, I finished the just-started Baby Surprise and only almost-finished the one that was further along. Here's the proof.
It was knit in worsted weight wool 'Fat Sheep' which is an 8oz skein of 3 ply wool in about 460 yds. (Look for it on the website soon, along with at Rhinebeck.) Knit on size 7 needles with wild disregard for guage. The small skeinlet in the middle is what's left, and I did icord on the shoulders after seaming. This yarn is lighter shades at one end of the skein than the other, and I cast on with the lighter edge. The next go-round I'll be casting on with the darker edge as I want the graduated shade to show up in the front (duh). I'd tell you what size it is, but I haven't got any 'small' children to test it on. I have a 6 year old the size of your average 3rd grader, but she modeled anyways. The pained look on her face is real - she tried to smile but the sleeves vexed her greatly being as how they 'smooshed' her shirt sleeve underneath.
She survived.
The color is a Yarn Fairy colorway (of which I think I have 3 more skeins), in a dusty blue and grape/purple. I can't decide what color to do another one in - I have 'Jen's Dragonfly' which also is a gradually darkening skein, or a 'Goth Valentine' skein ready to go. I'm leaning towards the Goth just to watch the colors change.

That's the Yarn Fairy in the middle & Goth on the left, Jenn's Dragonfly on the right. I actually have it in several other colors, but these are still speaking to me. Anyways, more about vacations in the next post. If you'll excuse me, I have to go to bed early as tomorrow is the First Day of School and she will be there birght and early and ready to go.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Oktoberfest is coming!

Get your beer (socks) on!

Oktoberfest festivals are soon upon us. Quick! Get your Oktoberfest Tsock Kits and get your socks made in time! Irish Red, Amber Ale, or Chocolate Stout (it's a microbrew, afterall). Each hand-dyed for you, complete with a head of foam.

Free Shipping, don't wait! The kits are in stock and waiting for you.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pressing on.

Still sorting through the photos from Sock Summit...

Turns out, I dyed yarn to match Lucy Neatby - and when I saw her hair and remembered the yarn and put the 2 together... It seemed serendipitous. I was just so durn excited I didn't even realize who she was. There's a chance it was because I might have consumed about 6 oz more caffeine than the 3 nearest Starbucks had on hand combined... and there were 3 within a block of me. I might have been a little... hyper.

Still buzzing, I chased this gal down to beg for a photo op: Stunning.

Rare photo of the elusive Masked Lone-Cowgirl-Spinning-Ranger-ette who enjoys a little drop spindling when she's not out catching bad guys or drinking.

Syne Mitchell from weavezine & I took very Grown-Up and Serious pictures of each other, and I see Astrid of DamselflyYarns is giving me the Eeeevil Eye behind her ;-) Ann Budd carried on normal conversations with Denny & Abby despite the giggling, and I had a wonderful time with them all.

Denny, Abby, Sandi, Ann, Syne, Astrid, Lisa, Jasmine & Gigi and the friends they brought along (who's names my brain refuses to provide at this time)... I had the bestest time EVAR meeting you all, and hanging out during the weekend.

Oh yes, one more thing. Does this face look Innocent to you? I thought not. I'll just say that you should always beware of the hands if you see this particular smile.

And before I forget - it was excellent to finally get to meet more club members from the west coast, along with other long-time imaginary internetz friends! If I could just download my brain into the blog, there'd be pics of all of you.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Before, and After.

Before SS09 (setting up the booth)

(the booth all pretty)

After SS09 (aftermath of the marketplace)

What happened in between?

What happens in Sock Summit, STAYS in Sock Summit. Just kidding, more in the next post because I met amazing people (real-live imaginary friends), saw amazing things, and was a part of an amazing group of people.
In the meantime, Look! Something pretty! I made a pair of socks from my Dye for Glory entry 'Sky's the Limit'.

Hand-painted preknit flat in my own FlockSock Sock Yarn, and knit 2 at once in toe-up turkish cast-on bliss.