Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pressing on.

Still sorting through the photos from Sock Summit...

Turns out, I dyed yarn to match Lucy Neatby - and when I saw her hair and remembered the yarn and put the 2 together... It seemed serendipitous. I was just so durn excited I didn't even realize who she was. There's a chance it was because I might have consumed about 6 oz more caffeine than the 3 nearest Starbucks had on hand combined... and there were 3 within a block of me. I might have been a little... hyper.

Still buzzing, I chased this gal down to beg for a photo op: Stunning.

Rare photo of the elusive Masked Lone-Cowgirl-Spinning-Ranger-ette who enjoys a little drop spindling when she's not out catching bad guys or drinking.

Syne Mitchell from weavezine & I took very Grown-Up and Serious pictures of each other, and I see Astrid of DamselflyYarns is giving me the Eeeevil Eye behind her ;-) Ann Budd carried on normal conversations with Denny & Abby despite the giggling, and I had a wonderful time with them all.

Denny, Abby, Sandi, Ann, Syne, Astrid, Lisa, Jasmine & Gigi and the friends they brought along (who's names my brain refuses to provide at this time)... I had the bestest time EVAR meeting you all, and hanging out during the weekend.

Oh yes, one more thing. Does this face look Innocent to you? I thought not. I'll just say that you should always beware of the hands if you see this particular smile.

And before I forget - it was excellent to finally get to meet more club members from the west coast, along with other long-time imaginary internetz friends! If I could just download my brain into the blog, there'd be pics of all of you.


Dan said...

Looks like an awesome time! Jealous!

Jasmin said...

Whoop, whoop!

We had SUCH a great time with y'all! Also, ENVY(3,248,473) at the Lucy-colored yarn!

Colleen said...

Great photos! I hope you really had a blast!