Thursday, September 03, 2009

Before, and After.

Before SS09 (setting up the booth)

(the booth all pretty)

After SS09 (aftermath of the marketplace)

What happened in between?

What happens in Sock Summit, STAYS in Sock Summit. Just kidding, more in the next post because I met amazing people (real-live imaginary friends), saw amazing things, and was a part of an amazing group of people.
In the meantime, Look! Something pretty! I made a pair of socks from my Dye for Glory entry 'Sky's the Limit'.

Hand-painted preknit flat in my own FlockSock Sock Yarn, and knit 2 at once in toe-up turkish cast-on bliss.


georg said...

You finished something! I'm so proud!

Chalyn said...

i currently have no money. when i have money, i am totally buying that yarn. i luvz it. a lot.

and your socks are pretty cool too.

Astrid said...

Oh, so pretty!

And hey? You thought you could win the prize for posting the last Sock Summit blog report? Not a chance.

Tsarina of Tsocks said...

Hey, who's that broad sitting in the booth? They'll let ANYBODY in to those places, huh.

Also, Astrid, I'll arm-wrestle you for last report. Rabbitch is still at it and I've barely skimmed the surface so far. ;-)