Thursday, May 29, 2008

NOT NH Festival. Mass Festival. (also, I really do know where I was last weekend.)

Went to the Mass Sheep & Wool Festival, not New Hampshire (thank you Lisa - I just show up, what do I know.) show as a vendor this past weekend, and had an excellent time. (I went to NH festival as a vendor as well and had a great time but took no pictures etc.)

Got to spend time with famous people:

And a gaggle of fiber artists lounging about - Juno, Cate, Tsarina, Kellee, Cassie (again) and names I've forgotten - sorry.

There was fine music on Sunday - don't remember for sure if they were playing on Saturday...

This is Patrick of West Elm Farm, he was generous enough to share tent space with him, and we love him for it! If you've seen us at Rhinebeck, you know he's there as well, couldn't do it without him. He makes some fine soap and awesome hand balm with lanolin, go try some, it's at the bottom of this page here.

And of course, it wouldn't have been 'normal' if there wasn't a drying rack full of drying yarn in the hotel room...

So, not much of the actual festival but that's typical for me, as I've found it really is nicer to take home some of the money made in the booth rather than spend it all at the festival... the husband is way less cranky that way ;-)

In other news, and really way other news, can anyone guess what this is a picture of? (Hint: The smart-ass answer of 'truck' will not win anyone any prizes. Perhaps guessing what the truck represents, or what is on the truck would be a step in the right direction here.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I get the weirdest emails.

So, in this morning's email I find this:

Dear sir or madam:
We now need to purchase a large number of sheep scrap
purchase a large number of sheep wool.
We also need to purchase a large number of muskrat skin.
If you have, please tell me at once.

uh-huh. Muskrat skins... let me think... now where did I put that bin of muskrat skins? crap. Never can find something when I need it, cuz you know as soon as I tell them I'm fresh out of sheep scrap & muskrat skins, I'll totally find that bin.

eta: for those who've asked or are wondering, this is a muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) :

For those of you not familiar with this here critter, I've gone ahead and found all you need to know about the beast, to give you good standing on most game shows. Read, learn, go win a whole row on 'aquatic pond beasts' for 1000 in Jeapordy:

Muskrats: gotta love Wikipedia.