Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I get the weirdest emails.

So, in this morning's email I find this:

Dear sir or madam:
We now need to purchase a large number of sheep scrap
purchase a large number of sheep wool.
We also need to purchase a large number of muskrat skin.
If you have, please tell me at once.

uh-huh. Muskrat skins... let me think... now where did I put that bin of muskrat skins? crap. Never can find something when I need it, cuz you know as soon as I tell them I'm fresh out of sheep scrap & muskrat skins, I'll totally find that bin.

eta: for those who've asked or are wondering, this is a muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) :

For those of you not familiar with this here critter, I've gone ahead and found all you need to know about the beast, to give you good standing on most game shows. Read, learn, go win a whole row on 'aquatic pond beasts' for 1000 in Jeapordy:

Muskrats: gotta love Wikipedia.


Anonymous said...

First reading, I read sheep crap. I found it quite normal that somebody would want to use sheep crap to better the soil in his/her garden, although I would use cow crap for that, and maybe a different word.

That left me with the question:
What the heck are muskrat skins?

Colleen said...

Is that Muskrat Suzie or Muskrat Sam?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! I'd like to have some muskrats, too. Whole thing, alive, please.

Glenna said...

I think I've seen that muskrat.

Tan said...

What the heck, all I get in my email is widows in Zimbabwe and Make Your *** Bigger ads. And I don't even have a ***.

pigbook1 said...

I saw you at NHS&W and I must thank you for the laceweight yarn I bought at a ridiculously good price. I am still just amazed at the price b/c I would have taken two skeins from you at the listed price. Thank you so much! I can't wait to get started (must finish WIP first) your stuff is amazing and next time I am coming w/ more money and I am hitting your booth first!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome...really does take all kinds, even if the purpose of some is only to amuse and/or annoy the rest of us.


Pat said...

Dang! - and just when I was about to ask you for a case of possum skins.