Monday, April 28, 2008

It was on Fire when I laid down on it.

Ok, so I've found (borrowed) a cable for the camera, and found some wonderful pictures. I don't have a bunch of time, so here's what I found on the camera (warning, tons of pics):

Mah couch on Fire, let me show u it:

FireBird that is, colorway: HellFire. plus the gold skeinlets to go with, and the orange in the corner is a byproduct. Every so often I would have to exhaust out a gold dye pot that gradually would go 'orange' after a few rounds of red skeins swimming around to gold-i-fy them. (that's a technical dye term, btw.)

So, how is HellFire made, you ask? My mess, let me show u it.

First we lay out the skeins and start adding red.

then we add WAY more red. (and a little more for good measure)

Then we do something arcane with a pot of gold, more red, and some steam to produce this:

After it set the couch (aka the packing department) on fire, it went to Dave-of-the-Post-Office, and I have proof he exists:

Mommy-Giraffe was a BIG help.

While I was dyeing Firebird (and vintage, and everything else) Nora got bored and wanted to dye some yarn. She wanted to dye green yarn, and so I give you Nora's favorite chewing gum, Mint-Mojito:

And also, more lambs were born:

and in fact more lambs born today but no pics yet.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to the dye pots. I know your still waiting on your kit or yarn or both and I appreciate your patience.


Glenna said...

I thought I saw some writing on my yarn!

Cute lambs!

Colleen said...

Are you gonna let that girl earn some pin money selling yarn? Or will you teach my kids to do that?

My goodness, does she make nice yarn!!!

trainlady said...

And what happens to the orange? it looks like it might be a nice orange. I need a nice orange.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the wonderful pictures and the wonderful yarn! I think there is some orange yarn that has my name written on it ...
And it was very nice of Dave and Nora to have their pictures taken, too!

Anonymous said...

Pretty pictures! I'm so impressed that Nora's into what you're doing now; it took me twenty years to think anything my mom did was remotely interesting, but now I know better.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what great pictures!! I am NOT waiting still, got my Vintage kit on Monday. Alas it must wait while I finish ordinary birthday socks for a friend. Then on to my adventure with my Pinot Vintage. I'm SO excited :)

Colleen said...

Lisa says you two are coming to NH Sheep and Wool festival! Huzzah! I get to SEE you!

Karen said...

That Nora has good taste in chewing gum - it's my favorite too.