Friday, April 18, 2008

From under the debris

I post this in a haze of migraine meds (no, it's not imitrex. no, I am not taking it, cannot take it, will never voluntarily endure take it again - giving birth was less painful).

Important facts:

  1. All of the Firebird kits have shipped out, as of Tuesday the 15th. International kits were shipped out by the 12th. (except for Irene. Sorry. I'll be better next time now that your in the mailing label list.)
  2. If you are concerned your kit is not the Large you expected, the skein should be tied with a black thread, and your gold lace skein should be a doubled small skeinlet, about 5-6 inches long. If instead it's a small button skeinlet, and your main color is tied with 2 white threads... well, you should get in touch with me before you cast on. Please note: this does not apply to all kits across the board. If you have questions on say, your Kitri kit, give me a shout.
  3. I am dyeing and shipping out backorders (and have been all week) on a daily basis. I admit this week has not gone quite as well as I had hoped in really getting caught up. I blame the school systems for scheduling some insane thing called 'spring break'.
  4. An extension of number 3 above, there is a 5 year old in the house. All Day.
  5. I have amazing photos from the last week or so. I cannot find my camera cable. The amount of migraine meds leaves me in a state where I find myself putting the camera next to the computer and muttering 'make pictures go'. Osmosis is not working, but I'm hopeful.
  6. There is a new set of twins, 2 girls - one white, the other black/white spots. I'd show you a picture... never mind.
  7. If you've tried to reach me via phone or email in the last couple of days, things have not been working here. Spotty at best, our phone line from the pole to the house works but under the house things have degenerated into a state where 2 cans and some string would work better. Needless to say, my DSL rides the same string. As of now, in my desperation, (and probably to stop me from muttering 'make internetz go') my spouse has strung a phone line from the pole, into the living room window, and moved the dsl modem and phone directly to that outlet. I'd show you a picture... never mind.
  8. I have a migraine. Have I mentioned this yet? The monitor has a lovely halo now, and I've had enough. I will catch up with the rest of things tomorrow, after several hours with an ice pack and more meds. I have a pile of packages ready to go to the post office tomorrow. I'd show you a picture... never mind.


Anonymous said...

Am terribly impressed at your coherency and humor in the midst of a migraine. Hang in there - hope you feel much better soonest. Possibly worthless old wive's tale...I recently heard Gatorade helps with Migraines (heard it from a former Migraine sufferer...)
Have just recently been introduced to your blog - rather spiffy, I must say. However, your socks are glorious - am plotting acquisition when my knitting can do the yarn/pattern justice! Kiniacat

Tsarina of Tsocks said...

I wanna see pictures!

Pictures or it didn't happen!

Oh... never mind.

Feel better.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon!

You are doing such a great job, lovliest Dyeress of all Dyeresses, and I hope you soon feel better.

Btw, my Firebird kit is exactely how it is supposed to be. All gorgous yarn and stuff. Ahhhh... Vrooom!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen! I'm so sorry to hear about your migraine. Especially on Spring Break. I can only imagine how much worse that makes it! Bless your heart. Don't worry bout us - we're just greedy pigs who can learn to wait! Go lie in a dark room in total quiet for about 8 hours. The world really will survive without you. (not nearly as well as with you obviously - but it's only temporary and everyone can just hold their horses. Or lambs as the case may be) Can't wait till things all work out and we get to see pics of the new babies and the whole process from the last couple of weeks. In the meantime - seriously - step away from the computer!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oooh :( Good luck on the migraine. I second Sherry; I hope you've got somewhere dark and quiet to be.


Tan said...

Sorry you're suffering with The Bad Head. The firebird yarn came out great. It really captures the way the light moves over embers.

Caroline M said...

School starts back here on Monday. We've had two weeks of holiday with wet/windy/sleet/snow so playing out was not really an option. I will be breaking out the toy shovel on Monday and working out what to do with the reams of artwork.

I was thinking of you while I was knitting my Tsock, thinking that someone dyed this for me (I know you did it for lots of other people too but I'm overlooking that)

Anonymous said...

greetings. Antje here. Regards from apple county and best wishes for the quick passing of your migraine. I wanted to chime in with a tiny tip for not losing the camera cable. Walmart sells little velcro dots for just such purposes. Being old and scatterbrained, I have made heavy use of velcro dots by attaching them to remote controls,USB cables and eyeglass cases,as well as emergency keys and the little sharp left-handed scissors I prefer, with the corresponding dots all over the place. The back of your laptop would be one such place.
Regards to Nora and Eric.

Astrid said...

Oh, poor Jennifer! I hope the head is feeling better now.

Twins, eh? I trust you are speaking about farm amimals here, not . . . nah, couldn't be.

Congratulations on shipping Firebird!

mbernard said...

Oh, please just go to bed. There is not a single one of us who needs a sock kit as much as you need a bed rest. Get well.

Wudas said...

A pox on the migraine devils!