Thursday, July 23, 2009

I dyed some yarn.

UPDATE July 23rd : Go Vote! Vote early, vote often ;-)

Big surprise there, eh? Well actually, if I haven't mentioned it yet, I'm a vendor at the upcoming Sock Summit 09 and have been dyeing quite a bit of yarn to get ready.
Part of that 'to do' list, were some new colorways to enter in the 'Dye for Glory' contest going on - started about 10 minutes ago I think. Anyways, here are my entries:
Dreams - self-striping and based on the colors of the Sock Summit website & general imagery.

Sky's the Limit - Similar colorway to Dreams but different striping length and pattern, dyed 2 strands of 200yds together for matching socks '2 at a time', in a center-pull ball.

Juana-Lei? Reminded me of Hibiscus flowers, and vivid Hawaiian flowers which ended up on a discussion about traditional Hawaiian Lei...

Last but not least,
Gecko - small repeats of shades of olive and gold that knits up in a mosaic patchwork.

These won't be available for a few days, they will be at the booth at Sock Summit! Booth Number 125, see you there!


Rachel said...

um yeah, there goes my resolution to buy nothing more until I use up at least a small amount of my stash....

decisions, decisions -- it's either Sky's the Limit or Dreams

and to think just a short while ago I didn't want to knit socks anymore :)

Dan said...

LOVE the Juana-Lei, the other two are great too, but that one sings! Totally reminds me of hibiscus.

Linda said...

So..after all the fun I've had at your shop you've closed it! Gotta get those once-a-week meetings going so those of us in the Syracuse area can get together and enjoy you and your MANY talents! Linda