Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dream: 0 Reality: 1

But in a good way... and then, Dream: 1

Once upon a time (about 7 years ago), we had a dream to open a fiber studio/store. It was a good dream, but we didn't find the right location, and began looking instead at farms to continue raising sheep but on a larger scale. Bought farm, bought sheep, life changed. you know how it goes.
After several years, we realized the farm did not quite meet our needs and we began looking for a new one. Something important happened on the farm though, and I began dyeing yarn in a more serious manner. It worked well with the farm dream, and so those dreams - farm & dyeing, became our reality. Then, I met Lisa, life changed, you know how it goes.
So, we hadn't found the farm we wanted, but sold ours and so we moved to Syracuse where hubby worked and the dyeing continued. You know how it goes.
Then, a supposed miracle. Remember 7 years ago when we'd been looking at storefront space? Well, early in the spring, it popped up in front of us. And so, life changed. You know how it goes.
So... we opened the Fiber Studio, our supposed dream. After several weeks, something amazing began to clarify for us. This didn't seem to be the dream we had any longer. Not only that, but the location and advertising plans both had 'issues' and the prospects were looking... dull.
I love teaching and I love dyeing. I was getting to teach a few classes here & there, but not much dyeing was happening at the store and I was finding myself still up until 1 am at home to dye yarn & fiber. This was not good. Basically, the time taken to keep the store open, was not paying off. Not to mention the toll on family & sanity.
Having reached this conclusion, decisions needed to be made. I want to be able to do everything, but as I get older I guess I've actually accumulated some wisdom (finally) and know that I cannot. The store is closing this month. I am vending at Sock Summit in Portland Oregon Aug. 6-9th, and then.... I'm taking something called a 'vacation'.
Supposedly, people stop working and do leisure things for several days in a different location, and spend money on things like restaurants and movies in real-life theaters. I'll let you know how it goes, but I'm already planning on the yarn & dye to take with me because my dream? My dream is to dye yarn & fibers, folks. This is what I do for fun AND for a living.


Ann-Marie said...

Oh, I'm sorry that the storefront isn't working out--Funny, I just logged on tonight as I was going to e-mail you see if you wanted any more indie dyers for the store ;)

I am happy that you are trusting your gut and taking steps to preserve your sanity and do what you love!!! (after your vacation of course)

Caroline M said...

It's not been the best time to be opening a new retail venture but I'm sorry that dream didn't come true. Here's hoping that the next one does.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is very hard to admit that we can't do everything. So wise of you to come to that realization quickly.. It took me years to get there!! Sure there are things that I would love to be doing- Like knitting!!- but finding the time to pick up the needles?!? This made me realize sometimes something has to give. Enjoy your new-found peace of mind on your vacation//(and check out my bags- my time suckers- at Carolina Homespun at Sock Summit.Lawre (Lawre's Laine Bags)

Dan said...

::hugs:: Reality is a big jerk. We hates him. Let's throw rocks!

That is a very difficult but important wisdom to have. Now go enjoy your vacation.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. This is the first time I've ever heard of a business closing because the owner came to her senses. The cool part is that pursuing this path led you to your true dream--dyeing. Have fun!

Astrid said...

I was wondering how on earth you did the store, the dyeing, the festivals, and have a Life as well. Here's hoping the next version of the dyeing life lets you have balance in all things. After your vacation, of course!

The Knifty Knitter said...

Kudos to you for following your dreams and also realizing that dreams can change, we can't do it all, etc. etc. etc. The best part is you can still do what you love. Enjoy the vacation!

Sandy said...

Very amazing to have the honesty to admit this to yourself. Sorry I didnt get up there to see the store. Have a wonderful vacation--hope you are doing in Oregon which is so beautiful.

Tsarina of Tsocks said...

"Then, I met Lisa, life changed..."

Yeah, and not just for you. Anybody ever tell you you have a gift for understatement?

Well, I'm always sorry when something potentially exciting doesn't work out, and I'm sorry I never even got to see the place... but in a way I can't be sorry you're closing the store. You certainly weren't getting a good dream-to-reality ratio out of it, not enough fulfillment bang for your investment-of-energies buck. There are better ways to live the dream, and you're headed for them.

But I'm still a little puzzled by one thing: what is this "vacation" of which you speak? I've never heard of it.

Anonymous said...

I really liked your shop but I also understand how sometimes dreams change but now where will I get that soap?

Karen said...

Best wishes for a quick and easy liquidation -- greatly look forward to your future work.

Cheers, Karen

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