Sunday, January 20, 2008

I know there's a title here somewhere...

Hi! I dyed almost 80 skeins of yarn today, how 'bout you? Yesterday's batch(es) are being (re)-skeined, and tomorrow's skeins are prepped & ready to hit the dye pots. Do you know that moment when you feel everything come together, and for one brief shining moment (I feel a show-tune coming on - Camelot here I come) you are one with the universe? Ya, it was a good day.

Tomorrow is a holiday at the post office, so I'll be packing up some eleventy-billion kits to go out bright & early Tuesday morning. I love hitting the post office with more packages than will fit in the building. The post office here is so small, that until the recent postage increase requiring weight AND measurements.... all he had was a scale. Nora loves that post office because she gets to put the stamps on - this place is so small they do not have anything automated. Once or twice I've sent out some hefty boxes. They looked like some old lady who'd been saving stamps finally mailed out that fruit cake she'd baked a billion years ago. Nothing says crazy lady like $17.00 in self-stick stamps covering 1/3rd of the package. (way to use up those .03 cent stamps, small-town postmaster.) If that was your package please know I'm not crazy. The postmaster is.

Good news on the Tsocks 101 Kit and the Fiber Festival Kit: New Base Yarn has been found! After much searching, swatching and testing, a new base yarn to replace the discontinued yarn has been ordered. If you've ordered either (or both) of those kits, the yarn will be here next week, and as soon as the paint's dry, so to speak, your kit will wing it's way to your door.

And look! The latest batch of sheep's milk soap is just about cured.

Ok, the last batch of yarn is done, and my 'break' is over!


Pat said...

I equate completing such a huge slug of work like that to the feeling I always got when I finished a term paper and threw away all the corresponding detritus. Followed by a trip to Brighams (go Boston!) for a big fat hot fudge sundae to celebrate. Ah, the good old days.

Way to go, Jennifer!

What does the soap smell like?

Anonymous said...

and here I was proud that my two boys are dressed, I actually made biscuits and clothes are on the line to dry.....and I cast on for a friend's baby blanket.

I'm tired reading what you've accomplished! Go lay down and take a nap....for me....