Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get them while they're Hot!

Golden West

Frozen Margarita

York & Lancaster (socks AND mitts)

Available now on the website! http://www.holidayyarns.com/

Next up on the to-do list... 2010 Tsock club. While you wait, go knit yourself a pair of Cowboy Boots ;-)


Sally McLester said...

You and Lisa are just killing me. I'm working on Imbas for a friend (very late for her birthday), I have Vintage in my queue for myself, and now you release a whole new set. I want them all!! My yarn budget (who am I kidding, as if I stay on a budget) is empty, sadly. I'll put these on MY Christmas list...yeah there we go!

Jennifer said...

Is there such a thing as yarn gluttony? If so, it ought not to be one of the cardinal sins.

Not fair to tempt us with the most recent offernigs AND the sign ups for the 2010 tsock flock club all at the same time. But of course, 2010 tsock club was yesterday's big purchase, and it is payday this week .... Lancaster and York and Margaritas, here I come ....