Monday, March 23, 2009

random list.

20 skeins of bacon: check. (Faith! Incoming!)
dyed roving: check.
plum shadows in new bamboo to test: check. (Pat! Incoming!)
1 scarf woven, 2nd scarf started: check.
22 skeins of Claret: check.
36 skeins of cuff for 9 Tailors Kits: check.
150 bars of soap including 48 frogs in 2 shades of green and 6 dragonfly bars: check.
New colorway (picture as soon as I find the camera) designed by guest artist and approved by Nora, called Monster Mash: check.
Began sorting Yarn Fairy skeinletts (picture of some of the yarn somewhere on this post) into 4oz grab-bags to post on website: check.
1 out of 3 rugs felted: check.
2 loads of laundry: check.
today's 'to do' list written including Roxie, more roving, and felting 2nd rug): check.

hello, sleep? hmm. I knew I forgot something.


Anonymous said...

Psst. Psst! Are you awake? The yellow stuff, is that Mashed Potatos? Anyway, thats a very impressive list! Oh, did I wake you up? Sorry!


dmcubed said...

Grab bags? Did you say grab bags? Ooooo...

Sleep is for wimps! (But you should get some anyway...)

Caroline M said...

I bet I can guess which new floor (brown) your rugs will be going on.

You are now thinking "how does she know..."

Congratulations btw.

Pat said...

Just reading that list made me fan myself then take a nap.