Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Found the camera...

Cafe au lait - 2 shades of a rich brown, knits up in stripes (I still like the stripes)
Monster Mash (Nora approved this one but is not the dyer - she says it looks just like 'Sully' in Monster's Inc.) Random bold 'spots' of bright green and briliant violet.
Also, not a new color but it makes me think of spring, and so it's 10% off right now until I get tired of dyeing it. It's sweet, simple, and spring in shades of pink tulips.
Pretty in Pink:
Go buy some! I'll wait here.


Caroline M said...

You could also cross the first one with the last for a chocolate strawberry gateaux.

(Must eat breakfast then I'd stop seeing food in yarn)

Sally M said...

You are killing yarn budget is well, empty and I do love love the stripy yarns myself!!

The Knifty Knitter said...

All awesome. I'm with Nora, that's totally Sully.