Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'd show you a picture, but by the time the batteries for the camera were charged.... it was time to pick a burial plot.

We went to the Carnival last night, Nora had a wonderful time. She rode rides, and played games... and won a goldfish. She threw the ball and got it in the bowl and won a decent sized goldfish. She named the wee sushi 'Pink-Rose' and off we went. Miss Rose made it through the night and part of the morning before she began gulping for air.... and started to list to one side. With the end in sight, we gave some tearful goodbyes, discussed burials and dad took her for a bike-ride. I buried Miss Rose. Moving on.

Cathy-Cate is awesome. Just sayin, cuz she came through with Tai-Chi info in abundance for me. While the style I learned was Yang, I'll go see how different it is from the Wu style taught there, thank you Cathy! It also helped me search out and find one other, who does teach Yang, and so I have 2 options now.

I've got better pictures of Plum Shadows now, and it's officially for sale:

And, Nora wanted to dye some yarn. She wanted to dye Red and Pink, but when she was almost finished with the skein, she decided it needed some blue, and so we've got shades of a Fuschia red, blue and purples. She drew a few hearts in Fuschia when she got started, which reminded me of valentines day, so I think we'll call this one 'Teenage Romance' cause it's so bright and shiney. You know? And yes, it's also now available for purchase.

I'm thrilled to say, that for those of you still waiting for 'Mint Mojito' (also a Nora yarn), I expect to have it available in a few days - Nora can't wait to dye more. Pictures when we're done here. And you know what she told me yesterday? That because we're both dyers, that she wants to have a shop right next door to me, so we can visit each other. I love this kid.


Glenna said...

Pretty yarn!

Colleen said...

Nora Yarn!!!!! Great! Gotta support the youth's endeavors!

I'm heading over to paypal now!

Colleen said...

Hey, the "add to cart button" on Nora's yarn won't work!

Cathy-Cate said...

Yes, Nora's yarn reminds me of Junior High Eyeshadow! Teenage Romance indeed. Love it!

When I finally saw my husband (musicians working the hours they do, which I myself don't, it wasn't till the next day), yes, I heard all about the differences between Wu and Yang.... and he also gave me a resource to check for more info re local dojos. Which I don't have right now, and he's gone again (it is a Saturday night, after all). But hopefully you have a couple good leads from the sounds of it.

He told me the northern 'mountain' styles are more dynamic; the southern styles are more subtle and based on stationary postures, in part because the ground was swampy (I'm oversimplifying, no doubt); you found your ground and stuck to it, and a premium was placed on 'groundedness' and keeping in one place with minimal movement during push hands. In the northern styles, the terrain was uneven and mountainous; balance was dynamic and movements were bigger.

You and he should talk! Anyhoo, I always forget that Blogger doesn't give you my email addy like wordpress does. If whatever other info he has would be helpful, email me at hitherandyarn at gmail (fill in the blanks).

Nora is the new Noro.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps taking the goldfish on the rides wasn't such a good idea? :)

"Nora is the new Noro" -- snort!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's so cute it hurts! My 4yo daughter says things like that too and it just makes me want to squeeze her. Ah, if they could stay little just a bit longer...


Anonymous said...

Mint Mojito--that was one of my favorites! Thank you for dyeing that color, Nora. This also provides me with a good excuse to get Plum Shadows as well. I'll wait for the Mojito and order all at once.


Dan said...

I have to say, I normally only go for reeeaally dark purple, but that reminds me of purple plum jams. Nomnomnom