Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday night.

Remember the pear trees I mentioned? Well this gal is eating my pears. 2nd night in a row.

Look! Something Shiney! It's Bamboo-Ewe, in spring pastel colors! (Hey, what can I say? In the spring, we were still a little busy with January Leaves. Someday I might even get around the Valentine's Day Sale I had been planning...)
This is a 40% Bamboo, 40% Wool, 20% Nylon blend 4ply sock yarn, non-superwash (it felts shiney as well). Ain't they purty?
Peach, Lavender, Pale-Blue, Spring Green, Yellow, White and Pink. They were a custom request but oh boy do I like them! I have plans for a tank-top in the Spring Green, a baby sweater in the pink & blue, a striped felted bag with all of them.... so many ideas, so little time.


Tsarina of Tsocks said...


Especially the peach.

Especially all of them.

Colleen said...

Want, too.

All of about a set of mini-skeins, of all the colors, adding up to two skeins worth?

Too much work for you? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on top?

Wudas said...

Ditto Colleen's idea!

Anonymous said...

Ack--the list of thing I'm going to need to order at the same time as the Mint Mojito (when it's available) is getting bigger.