Sunday, November 11, 2007

Now's Your Chance!

FlockSock Club 2008 is OPEN - Sign-up now!

2007 isn't over yet, and the club has seen some awesome socks already this year , with a couple still to come.

2008 looks to be just as amazing as Lisa takes Art for Your Feet to new levels of design, fit, fashion, comfort and fun.

And, even though the club doesn't officially start until next year, there is already a contest running - why wait until next year for the fun to start? Sign up before Dec. 15th to be entered in a drawing for a Bag o' Goodies from the Tsarina of Tsocks and the Yarn Fairy. Heck, the Chocolate Fairy might even smack her wand into things a few times. (You do know there's such a thing as a Chocolate Fairy, right?)

So, visit the website today for full details and feel free to email me with any questions.

And, btw, thank you so much for the Birthday Wishes last week!

1 comment:

Pat S. said...

Chocolate fairy? Now THAT'S a fairy I can support!!!