Monday, November 19, 2007

Answers etc.

Gretchen - this post is for you, I cannot reply to your comment regarding the sheep's milk soap, please email me directly at jennifer at nysfarm dot com and I'll answer all your quesitons, because it is slightly different than making goat's milk soap.

Thank you miss Tsarina, I was hoping to avoid the obvious 'I'm a dork' thing with the truck... it was low on water/antifreeze 'stuff'. That's what happens when you overheat. I was so focused on the fact that the vehicle leaks oil and that problem = oil, I neglected to actually apply a brain cell to the actual problem. Overheating = radiator, not oil.. Now, I wonder if there are any problems from having more than the required amount of oil in a vehicle?

Still recovering (ever the optimist) from the strep/bronchitis thing. Taking WAY less cold meds & codiene... not sure what I'm going to use for an excuse now for my dork attacks though.

Have attempted knitting something again, it's a bit chilly for a dip in the frog pond but you can't leave crap on the needles forever so I'm back to staring at balls of yarn. Am I the only one here who finds it ironic to have basically, a stash registering in the triple digits in POUNDAGE (even if most of it is undyed) but who is unable to knit a single project successfully, other than knit hats that are NOT felted (that's another blog post all by itself.)? And, on a slightly different thought on the knitting idea, what do you call it when there are so many things you want to knit that you do not cast on any of them at all but instead have anxiety issues because of all the things you want to knit?
I want to have some of that 'mindless knitting' to do while waiting for the water to boil etc. I seem to be the black hole of mindless though (let's think about THAT one for a moment, shall we?). All those times your knitting and you feel like you've measured, gotten 11 inches of knitting, knit a bazillion rows in 3 hours and still have only 11 inches, it's my fault. All of the stitches you've knit got sucked into the black hole, and ended up here to be part of a frogged project. You knit them, I try to knit anything and end up frogging your stitches. Sorry.
The knitting issue here is getting pretty sad really. Recently I've even managed to screw up knitting in the round on round 1. C/O 12 stitches, divide onto dpn, knit 1 row. At the end of row 1, I had 13 stitches. And I didn't just carry the yarn over the needle at one of the 'corners', and yes I started with 4 stitches each on 3 needles I counted them twice, and I could not find an increase stitch. I'm just lucky this way. Being as how casting on dpn's is annoying, I knit the next round and k2tog. I've made it half way through that pattern now, and it resembles the picture in no way shape or form. pictures later when batteries are charged.


Tsarina of Tsocks said...

Oooops - sorry. You know me - sacrifice all for the punch line, and who cares if somebody gets embarrassed in the process. Hey - it was funny, you know.

Black hole of mindless - can I quote you on that?

trainlady said...

But oil cools. If you're sure it's not overfilled (leaking pretty much ensures it won't be), oil isn't a bad choice.

Colleen said...

Hey, you had a five year old coming home on the bus to a possibly empty house? You HAD to panic, it's a mother's responsibility to panic. So what if you put in oil made it home before the bus!

Colleen, mom of 4 :-)

Pat S said...

1.It was funny!
2. Re: your knitting - you're just rusty is all. We have all regarded our stashes and been paralyzed by indecision. Plus, funky knitting is also universal - remember the Harlot's fairly recent statement about knitting something that looked wrong, that she knew was wrong but she kept going in the hopes that the universe would somehow magically correct it? Such is the life of a knitter.