Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Belated B

They definately do not ever never, go in these:

Or these, the summer version:

Or even in the 'dress-up' summer version. (If you see these at TSC, do NOT buy them. The sun won't heat your feet up as in the regular summer boots above, but they will also not last more than 2 weeks. These must be the Martha Stewart version, meant to look good but have someone else do the actual work.)
No, no. These go here with butt in chair and feet up on stool, being admired by passerbys forced to stop yet again and admire them.

Want a closer look?

When Lisa was last with us here at chez critters, she pulled a sample out she'd been busily knitting on to show me. I was really liking the color, thought it knit up really cool in such & such pattern she was using. She looked at me as if I'd grown another head, and told me "well YOU dyed it!!". Hmm. thinks I. Really? But it looks so... awesome! I did THAT? I'm still surprised when I knit something I've dyed and it not only actually works like regular ol' yarn when 2 sticks are applied, but looks good doing it (the project, not my ass), I'm surprised.
So anyways, when I opened the package from Lisa and saw the socks, I turned to Eric and told him "if Lisa tells me that I dyed that, I'm making a dr's appt for myself because something is seriously wrong with my brain to not remember the absolute most amazing colors." And plus, it's REALLY shiny.
Well, thankfully, my brain cells such as they are, are not failing me. I do not remember it, because I did not dye it (score one for the brain). Astrid did!! How cool is this, that the dyer dyes yarn for the knitter making socks for her OTHER dyer friend. You need to totally check out her etsy shop. Run, don't walk - er, type asap because she is all about the awesome, bold colors. Not only that, but the shiney part? This is bamboo blend yarn. The colorway is Bamboo Forest and the pattern is being called 'You Jane'. So we have my yarn, off to Astrid, dyed and snatched away by Lisa, back to me where it originated. Wickedly awesome circle, I must say. She has more of it there for sale, you should clean her out of stock. (How many of you are there, anyways?)
So anyways, these totally awesome socks are mine as part of a belated birthday present that also included 2 of the totally new Harmony needles from knitpicks in size 1's. Lisa has a gift coming from me as well, and no I didn't go to another designer and ask for a sock pattern for Lisa. I xxxxxxxx and xxxx some lovely xxxxx in very nice colors of xxxx xxxxx and xxxx. It's interesting to xxxx the xxxx because I don't get time to do that much anymore. It's part of a small xxxx that got started on xxxxxxxx, though it's been a few, I hope she remembers that! Because of the 'when are you coming' question, I put off sending her gift longer than she held off on mine, and so it's here.
If there's a fire here, I'm going back for my hand-knit socks.
Oh, and btw. Please note there are indeed 2, count em' 2 socks in the picture. 2 feet, 2 socks. Lisa can indeed finish a PAIR of socks.


Lynne said...

Awesome socks! Good post about them, too. They look really really spiffy in their proper place, which I'm glad to learn is NOT going to be inside those very practical but quite ugly boots (even the Martha version, lol!) Should you ever get a day just for goofing off, they'd look good in sandals, too.

MAKE time to use those Harmony needles. You're going to love them! I'm knitting the Arterial Blood on my first pair, and want MORE of them.

And I'm really glad you seem to be getting over that siege of strep throat, especially with the buried in snow crap season starting.

Tsarina of Tsocks said...

I also liked the bit where Eric said, "but they're holey" and you told him, "yeah, they're GIRL socks." Sometimes a guy needs to be reminded, hmmmm?

Anyway, I'm very glad to see you do have two feet. It's such a coincidence! because that just happens to be the number of socks I made... cool how it all works out. Lookin' good on you.

Pat S. said...

I don't know which is more amazing - those gorgeous socks which are a perfect blend of color and pattern, or a picture of you wearing them WITH YOUR FEET UP!!! That tsarina - she's good.

Colleen said...

Isn't it funny when you don't remember things? I asked a teacher working pick up in the cold where she got her mittens. They were _lovely_ mittens....White heavy wool with a lice pattern, that looked like were stuffed (the lice stitches were made with fleece). She, too, looked at me like I'd grown a 2nd head....turns out I'd made them for her several years earlier. I like making those, but I have NO MEMORY of doing so!

Astrid said...

Hey! Nice socks, lady!

But seriously, I'm totally thrilled that you like the dye job. And that is one bee-yoo-tiful sock pattern Lisa came up with. You are very, very lucky, but then you are also very, very deserving. Enjoy!

Arianne said...

I'm not even a farm lady but I too have had no success with fashion wellies.

I think they're for girls who wear leggings to look cool in. Not for grown-ups to wear when they want to do mud.

I've got some heavy-duty proper gardening wellies for that. :)

ALSO, I just signed up for your sock club. I'm so glad! It doesn't count against my yarn diet (got in just under the wire! Official start is December 1st!) and so it will see me through the long, yarnless months ahead!

WHEE! :)