Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dear Diary:

Dear Diary,

I dreamt last night about that thing called 'internetz' again. It's a magical place where you can communicate with your friends, offer wares for sale, and stay in almost constant communication with everyone, all over the world. In my dream, you could even do all this in your own home but alas, in my dream, something mysterious called 'The Cable Company' messed up something called the 'Installation Date' and I was left with no internetz OR phone. For more than a week. (In my dream... I twitched a LOT for some reason.)

Instead in my dream, I had to drive to something called a 'Panera's Restaurant' where something amazing called 'wi-fi' allows you to connect to the mystical 'world wide web'. The only drawback in my dream to this temporary solution, is the drive, and the only real way to entertain the 5 year old.... is with a chocolate brownie. In my dream, we did not stay long or get much done.

But the brownie was awesome.



Club Update: Club sock 2 is going out the door this week. The kitchen, the bathroom, and the dye pots were unpacked immediately - everything else is still in boxes and obviously we can live without quite a bit of 'stuff'. An interesting experiment.

I should be back online the end of the week, I apologize if I have not responded to your emails - I really have no internetz and if I keep running to Panera's, there is no dye time and way to many brownies consumed. I have not been ignoring you! Kits ordered are also being dyed and shipped, I expect to be caught up with your orders by Saturday. If you have any questions.... well, you might want to wait a couple more days to email me ;-)

If you have a Sheep or Flock Rental, don't despair. The flock is in the care of friends, and still available for pictures and fleece for the Rental program, as part of the arrangement for their care. Newsletters did not make it out the door before the move, and as soon as I find the box their in, they will go out with all sorts of updates and information for you on your rental.


Caroline M said...

Did you find the box that the nap was packed in? If it all gets too much remember the maggots and the 2am lambing calls, there's got to be an upside to living out of a cardboard box.

After we moved here I swore that the only box that would be going through the door was one that had me in it. After 17 years the scars have healed somewhat but not enough yet for me to think about moving again.

Glenna said...

Hopefully you get all set up tomorrow, because too many brownines make 5 year olds hyper. I will wait patiently for my rented sheep until you get it unpacked

LICraftgal said...

Wow you are not having an easy time of it are you?? But remember everything will get done. Sending energy and hugs your way!!

georg said...

Are you online again yet? Huh? huh?

I wanna know!

Dan said...

Hugs and best wishes. Was thinking of you and your moving woes today.