Wednesday, December 19, 2007


So Eric & I both have terrible head colds (again)... have simply slogged through life here, moving from room to room (or, kleenex box to kleenex box if you look at it from my point of view) forcing myself to at least keep going because some progress is at least SOME progress.
So, until I find the camera cable, this post is pictureless but here's the finished list:

The Nine Tailors: Mailed out, every single lovin' one of them. And this should have way more to it, because what it really means that I've finished is this:

  • dyed what felt like hundreds of skeins of what someone on Lisa's blog titled 'floodwater gray'
  • dyed and divided smaller skeins of cuff gold
  • dyed really only a couple each of the 8 colors for the color patternwork cause each sock only needs a couple of yards each.....
  • and then wound those all into balls and divided them into smaller balls for each kit (you'll be thrilled to know I pulled them all at the same time saving myself from winding each color individually, wound them into a center-pull ball, put each one in a small ziplock with the center-pull ready to knit. No work for you :) I have pictures, but can't find the cable.
  • Remembered to put one of each (main color, cuff color, packet of colorwork colors, AND emerald bead packet) and a pattern book into it's own little ziplock (love ziplock) and mail them.

One Rosy Hat: Finished - it's slated for a spot in a store on Thursday

Christmas packages mailed to (most) family members.

Still on the to-do:

Make soap - that's what I'm doing right now, this blogging is just a figment of your imagination.

mail the REST of the xmas stuff today.

start brown hat to be finished by I would say the 23rd at the latest...

order cousin Austin's 'stuff' for them to mail today.

order Grandma's 'stuff' for them to mail today.

Finish project for MIL coming for xmas. (feel free to re-read that last one, it's a whopper, since I just cast on last night and Nora wants to dye it when it's done so it's in boring white right now)

Finish mystery gift

If anyone has any ideas for Eric that do not involve knitting a sweater in record time, or moving to the beach cause he's sick of snow, please let me know. So far I have one of those Toblerone Chocolate Oranges you 'whack' to break into slices. Not much for christmas presents, ya know?

Find camera cable.

So, that's the to-do list for today. All bets are off.

Oh, and remind me to tell you all about my 'secret santa' idea cause I'm going to need your help to make it really good.

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Anonymous said...

Sick again! Oh, No! And yet, still so clever, with the patternwork ball-winding and all.

For Eric, how about a nice power tool? Guys usually like a nice power tool for Christmas. Unless he has a full set already, being on a farm and all :)

Don't forget to tell us about the Secret Santa idea!