Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pics (found the camera cable)

So, if my daughter were made of money, this is how she would look:


I don't know how they do things where you live when it snows like a new ice age is starting, but here... folks get to work just like any other day, just using different modes of transportation.

This is Casey, who works here on the farm for me. The storm closed the schools but didn't keep her from coming to work! I must say, excellent work ethics out here in farm country. And no, she is not looking for work. She's mine. All mine. (dudes, she even gets to work here EARLY.)


These are some of the skeinlets/balls of colors ready to go into colorwork for The Nine Tailors:

I missed something in my 'in progress list' on my last post... Colleen - I am spinning as fast as I can!!


Ok, about this secret santa thing. It's not going to be in time for christmas, but perhaps that makes it all the better. I met someone the other day. No not THAT kind of someone - I already got me one of those!

This was a someone who touched my heart. There's this family see, with not much in the pocket so to speak, but plenty in the heart. There is a spirit here that deserves to be preserved, lifted up, and promoted to continue. Without this kind of person in the world, it would be a darker, quieter, bleak world. She supports her family with things you and I take for granted. And she has dreams, people. Go to school sort of Big dreams. And you know what? They really have very little to do with herself until you realize that the most important thing to her.... is helping others. She has nothing, and the most important thing to her is getting things in order so that she can give to others.
I don't think she reads my blog, and she doesn't know I'm doing this. I would like to ask those of you with a little extra, to help me out here. I've got a box. I am filling the box. She is a knitter. You see where I'm going with this maybe? Maybe not. Sure, I want to fill the box with yarn, but I also want to fill the box with the things she needs. Family to support, husband who works very hard and 3 beautiful children to raise with strong values. So, I'd like to add some gift cards. Wal-mart, Target, the local grocery chain. If you'd like to help in that way, and can pretend for a moment that you have another person on your christmas shopping list, then send me an email at jennifer @ symbol nysfarm dot com and we'll put something together. If you'd like to send on some stash that needs a good home where her knitting literally clothes the family, email me for that as well and we'll work that out.
I leave you with this thought. Take a look at what you spend on 'required' items each month. Now, take a look at your grocery bill. Could you support a family of 5 on half of that? on a quarter of that?

Added afterthought: Folks, thank you for pitching in. For those of you who've left comments wanting to do your part.... if you haven't heard from me it's because blogspot has not given me your email address or you forgot to fill it in. I've tried all day to send you psychic vibes, but obviously sunspots are getting in the way or something.
You really need to email me for best results here at jennifer @ nysfarm dot com.


Tsarina of Tsocks said...

Yay! I'm in! Plus, if anyone wants suggestions, I happen to know of a few specific things she could use. What a totally great project.

Anonymous said...

Me too!


tundramor said...

From the soggy Northwest - I'm in!

Maggie's Farm said...

Can I send her soap and hand cream? Don't have any money but I have plenty of that!

Anonymous said...

me, too. let me know what I can do to help.

kathe said...

ooops, that was me. not anonymous.

CathyCate said...

I'll email you but know I will be a part of this -- gift cards and project-sized yarn too.
Love the coin daughter! Obviously, HER name is Penny!
And, as I live less than two miles from where I work, I have walked to work when the streets were impassable with a huge snow dump; but boy, is it hard work! My friend has cross-country skiied to work after big snowstorms, and I think next time this happens, I'll get mine down from the rafters of the garage (we've hardly had enough snow most of the time for years) and give those a go.

Gretch said...

I'm in.