Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Columbus Day, America.

Today most folks in this country take note that the post office is closed (Happy Thanksgiving Day to you Canadian folk, btw). The reason? Well, let's just see what my daughter learned in Kindergarten on Friday...

me: "Nora, there's no school on Monday."

her: "I know!"

me: "Do you know why?"

her: "Yes. There was this man. He crashed into Florida... and someplace else. He had 3 boats, and we saw it on the globe in class. He got dead, I think from an animal."

me: "Was his name 'Columbus', by chance?"

her: "Oh! Yes!! That's who it was who had 3 boats and got dead."

me: "Close enough!"

Happy Columbus Day, everyone.

And, on another note, it was also my daughter's 5th Birthday today. We celebrated in style by giving the school district here, and postal workers the whole country over, the day off.
Then we went to Toys R Us and got a balloon, and a few new toys. Came home and made cake with sprinkles in the cake, pink frosting, more sprinkles, some candy letters, and a conservative number of flames. I took control of the candle situation by reminding her that if she kept adding candles, her cake might catch on fire and then what would we eat? Then we topped it off by playing with the new toys for a bit.

I would like to point out the food coloring at the top of the cake picture. Apparently, dyeing runs in the family because we buy white frosting so she can decide what color to paint it when it's time to frost the cake. (FYI: purple frosting is NOT appetizing. Neither is green. Trust me and learn from our mistakes.)

Please note the exhausted Dad in the background. It's hard work going to Toys R Us with a 5 year old.

Wishes were made, candles blown out.

Happy 5th Birthday, Nora!

**BTW - if you are looking for your Sheep or Flock Rental update, I'm finishing up the edits on pics, newsletter, your animal's info, and the like. I expect most to go out the door this week.


Lynne said...

Dear Nora,

Happy, happy birthday! May you have many more, with cakes with pink icing and lots of candles!

Have a big hug!

Arianne said...

Haha!! He crashed into Florida and got dead!! By an animal or something!

I'm going to laugh all the way to the bank!

Tsarina of Tsocks said...

Happy birthday, Miss Nora, from one of your long-time fans. Now that you're five, you need to start thinking seriously about a career. Based on what I'm seeing here... have you thought about being a model? an historian? It's pretty obvious you'd shine as either. And of course we already know about your prowess with the dye pots....

katherine Hannauer said...

Happy Birthday, Nora!

Astrid said...

Happy birthday, Nora! It was so nice of you to arrange for a day off for the postal workers, and turkey dinners for an entire country just north of you. One would think you'd look more tired after all that, but no! You look as bright as the candles on your cake.