Saturday, September 22, 2007

What's for Dinner?

Dig the bumper sticker!! And while we're at it, let's not forget the grassfed beef or pork! Did you know pigs eat grass? Oh ya. Plow right through it. Literally.

Anyways, this fall it's been tough getting a date with the butcher, what with one facility burning down, and another less than reputable... let's just say the best game in town has gotten much busier. They called yesterday to give me some good news! They had a cancelation and she thought of me :)

I'm in such a good mood about it, that if you and a few close friends (neighbors, carpool buddies, complete strangers, etc) would like to order together, I'll deliver here in NY. I'd like to say at least 3 packages ordered to deliver. Ordering by yourself? Send me an email, we'll talk about where you are and negotiate a 'transportation fee'. Single-handedly convince the entire neighborhood (or at least yourself and 4 others to place an order? I'll gift the ringleader you with an extra 5lbs of ground beef.

Here's the package:

15lbs of grassfed ground beef in one pound packages. We send the whole steer, so this isn't trim - it's prime cuts. And it's naturally lean. When I fry up a pound, there's no grease left in the pan.

15lbs of pastured pork cuts. You'll get a variety of cuts from bacon & breakfast sausage, to chops & ham steaks. Excellent flavor, like nothing you'll get in the grocery store. Please note there is no small print on our packages saying anything about '2-3% liquid added for flavoring' on this pork. This is actually GOOD for you!

15lbs of grassfed lamb cuts. Again, a variety of cuts including ground and sausage (awesome in spaghetti sauce).

Total: $280.00 for the whole thing. At just over $6.00/lb, you'll be getting cuts normally selling for $8.00 - $11.00/lb. Going to Rhinebeck in October? Able to fit a cooler in your transport amongst the fleeces? I can bring a limited number of Package Deals with me, so let me know now.

Are you a vegetarian?
While the carnivores dream of lamb shank braised with tomato and frenched green beans in a Balslamic Vinagrette reduction, (we reccomend Paul Newman's Salad Dressing for both Carnivores and Vegetarians), please don't feel left out:


Tsarina of Tsocks said...

Count me in! I still have dreams about that pork. I'll get to work on my local people right now. And boy am I glad that my Bionic Feet are soft and squishy - even with 20 of 'em in the car I will somehow find room for a cooler too.

Marigold said...

Wow. I soo wish I lived in NY. :( yummy you deliver to Indiana? :)

Jennifer said...

This ain't Dominos, but we will Deliver to Indiana... via FedEx overnight to most areas. Contact me privately at jennifer at nysfarm dot com for a quote based on your specific order.
(P.S. I cannot reply privately to you if you comment - blame blogspot/blogger.)

katherine Hannauer said...

Made chili yesterday with some of your ground beef from my summer haul....yumyum. There's still plenty of room in my freezer, so I am definitely in! I'll see about getting some of my neighbors in, too. will send you an email.

Astrid said...

Lamb Shanks! Be still, my beating heart.