Saturday, August 25, 2007

We've had visitors!

So yesterday, our friend Katherine came over for a visit. She's here for the summer in the area working with the Glimmerglass Opera down the road here (we're hoping some culture will rub off on us ). I was thrilled when she agreed to bring along her instument of choice to play a ditty or 2 for Nora. She's never heard a violin in person before, and for a few minutes was overwhelmed by the volume it produced in our humble abode.

Later in the day, she played again and Nora decided it was definately good. Dance music, even.

Katherine knits as well (can it get any better?) and is working on a pair of single repeat 'Afterthought' colorway. Just for Lisa, we got pics. I have also been promised pics of the completed pair.

Some friends of hers came with, and we toured the farm. Ann-Marie, also in the orchestra, and her boys Eric and Christophe. They saw the sheep, the piggers, baby chicks, the works. Christophe the younger brother has the makings of a great spinner, and scored a skein of the slightly heavier SuperStrong sock yarn for a scarf.

It was a great afternoon and I'm SOOO glad they all came!

On another note, check out what Nora drew and then TAPED to her door:

Please note that if you read it from right to left, it says "No mom dad" below a circle with drawings of mom and dad and an X over the circle (note how sad we look), with Nora at the bottom corner (note the smile on her face). Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this type of signage supposed to start when she was well, a little older??

And thanks, the hand is doing better. Still hen-pecking it, but recovering.


Tsarina of Tsocks said...

This sort of signage can start whenever it wants if the kid is precocious enough. You got trouble ahead, baby, but you knew that already.

That is *SO* not what I exoected the Afterthought to look like! The BlackJack skein I had must have been the "other" repeat. Must cast mine on now and try it.

NOW she brings the fiddle. Sheesh, I miss out on all the fun. You gotta piano - I was thinking we coulda done some noodling together, only it'd have been too much of a busman's holiday for her. That'll larn me to be tactful.

Donna said...

Heh. Come talk to me when she's 14, and you're having screaming tantrums because you cleaned her room. Never mind the fact that she won't do it herself and the glass of coke on the bedside has grown mould..... Oh yeah, you have some fu-u-un times ahead ;)

katherine Hannauer said...

wow---blogged again! I got some good pix of the boys and you giving Christophe his spinning lesson(a born teacher, you are!)...will send them to you right after I find an internet connection that is faster than a speeding snail. oh- and Lisa? I didn't have the fiddle with me that first day. maybe another time...heh heh.

Karla (ThreadBndr) said...

Eventually they DO grow out of it. But yeah, you are in for a ride - rather like a rollercoaster - fun but scary.

Eventually, though, you do see the reward of a job well done - a strong, competent adult. When the Marine!Goth was home on leave a while back, he caught up with some of his High School friends. And promptly came home and thanked me for making sure he stayed on the 'straight and narrow'.

"SOanSO is working at WalMart, XXX is in jail for drugs and drunk driving. ABC is knocked up - with her SECOND baby. D*$N, Mom, I see what you were talking about. I'm about to become an NCO. Thanks for being sure I didn't F&#K up my life."

He swears - well, like a Marine *G* - but he's a good kid. His friends weren't BAD kids, but he always complained that they had more freedom and less responsibility than he did.....

So stick to your principles and ignore or deal appropriately with the tantrums. It IS all worth it in the end. I promise.