Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Knitting Goddess is Cruel.

You know, here I thought that because I wasn't really working on a knitting project, that the knitting goddess couldn't 'mess' with me, ya know?
I mean, what was she going to do to me? Dust my knitting needles? Move the pink yarn over to the box with the orange yarn? Not much going on in the knitting front around here, just a couple of rolled-brim hats for upcoming fall craft shows. I was safe from mischief, or so I thought.
Enter the next order of base yarn for me to dye for OTHER knitters.

Ordered: Serious poundage (in the triple digits) of our FlockSock base yarn 75%superwash/25% nylon blend pristine in it's undye-ed-ness.

Delivered to my door: Serious poundage (now mocking me with it's triple digits) of a 75% wool/25% nylon NOT superwash yarn. Which definately felts.

"What's that?" Says the Knitting Goddess. "I can't mess with you?" She giggles madly while waving her magic needles in my direction. "Hang on."

I may as well cast on for that Harlot Bohus now, cause what could go wrong?

So, if you'll excuse me, I must go make some lemon-ade. And a pattern/kit for a felted car cozy...


Tsarina of Tsocks said...

Guess that answers my question about whether or not it's OK to mention this on my blog tomorrow, huh....

It's OK. I got some lemonade ideas in the works.

beadslut said...

The hank that the Tsarina posted, that goes from periwinkle to rose? Is there more of that? It made me go "ooooh".

Lynne said...

Yeah, I could do with some of that Afterthought myself! You make GOOD lemonade!

I know of a bunch of lace-knitters that think fingering is too heavy, but true lace-weight is too light - the FlockSock falls in the middle nicely - how would the Not Superwash compare? Possible market there, especially if you do real subtle and long color changes, so it won't stripe.