Sunday, January 28, 2007


SO, has anyone seen my missing 5 minutes? You know when someone says "can you just put this frozen 100 feet of garden hose in the bathtub to thaw so I can finish watering the flock, honey? It will only take 5 minutes..."
Somehow, there is a timewarp in my house. I come out with 4 year old in tow at 7-ish in the morning with lots of Plans (note capitalized word, this implies importance). Most of the Plans, are small things on the 'to-do' list. Most don't really take more than a few minutes, but before I know what has happened, it is time to start dinner and several Important Planned Items are as yet, unfinished. Most not even begun.
And, if you live in my timezone (aka timewarped house), you know that the day is not over. It is in fact, never over. Much like some lost episode of the Twilight Zone, I am always able to convince myself that 'as soon as I finish THIS, then I'll have time for THAT.' But I've noticed that before I finish THIS, something else becomes the THAT which immediatly becomes the current 'THIS'... and I never seem to get to THAT.
It is 11pm, I am on day 2 of a migraine and did I mention it is 11pm? Most meds don't work, so I use codeine occasionally, and while it works doesn't-do-anything-but-I-feel-like-I'm-making-an-effort-by-taking-it, it tends to keep me awake of all things. So, here I am at the dyepots finally getting to the THAT which was my PLAN for the day. Orange for Lisa for Swan Lake, Lager/dark beer for Oktoberfest's upcoming toast to St. Pattie's Day Beer Drinking Festivities, and some very interesting ideas from some Club Member's wishlist.
Please don't ask for pictures tonite of any of this, or the THIS and the THAT will never become the OTHER (there is always OTHER to be done. Like taking pictures, that will only take 5 minutes... wait, I've heard this song before...)

And, as a note to Lisa, nice clean pillow case. Hows' about I send you my laundry to wash use for felting projects?

Now, I'm off to rinse all the freshly-dyed yarn so I can go to bed, I PLAN to take pictures in the morning of the fruits of my laobr tonite for all to see.

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Lisa Grossman said...

Oh, honey, trust me, you do NOT want to be sending me your laundry. It is possible that that is the ONLY clean pillowcase in my house... and I hope you notice it is not folded, let alone put away. If you can actually get started on the THIS that comes before the THAT you are ahead of me, because I still get bogged down figuring out WHICH *this* to do first. I'm lucky if I ever get around to doing any of them. And non-felt laundry is not very high on that priority list. ("Priority list"? What is this "priority list" of which I speak, anyway...? "list" implies - what's that concept again? oh yes, "order." Ha.)