Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Ok, my favorite vice in the casinos is really craps, but blackjack holds a close 2nd. Taffy on the other hand, I'm not so keen on. Gets stuck in your teeth, takes FOREVER to eat, and until that taffy is in your mouth and your jaw feels wired shut, you don't really know if you like that particular flavor. Better hope you DO because did I mention it takes a long time to eat?
Anyways, now that you know what candy NOT to get me on my birthday (I prefer gift certs. to a dayspa for a good massage), I remind you of the colors of taffy. Specifically, BlackJack Taffy like the kind shown here:

Now, a very nice gal in the FlockSock Sock Club, mentioned that on her yarn wishlist she was hoping to find yarn that sounded familiar in a flavor sort of way. This was odd for a "color of yarn description", as I normally don't eat much yarn. So, I set up the dye pots. When I was finished, I realized why the yarn looked good enough to eat:


The skein in the middle is a one-of-a-kind so forget it, I ain't doing THAT again. Now this really still sounds good. Knit to a section with pink yarn. Come to that section again, but instead of more pink, you have black. Or white. Reality? Amazingly huge pain in the arse to dye. Sections of skein grouped into smaller, random sections for tiny dye pots... well, let's just say that it sounded good in my head but outloud? not so good. Yarn in tiny dye pots of different colors, (while trying to maintain white sections as color in and of itself) spells disaster when you need to REMOVE from tiny dye pots, transfer to sink, and RINSE little sections by color and keep them seperate until completely rinsed. And away from white sections. Ya, we're not doing that again. (P.S. anyone need some 'tiny' dye pots, you just let me know.) My favorite is the one on the far right side. small color repeats over the whole skein. I plan on taking 5 minutes (see previous post) tomorrow and knitting a swatch from this one.

I think this might be the valentine yarn that goes up for sale, what do you think? Take your pick of skein 1 or skein 3. Forget skein 2, unless you offer me gobbs of legal tender. Gobbs. Large, huge, stuffed pockets.

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