Friday, June 19, 2009

in which I learn I need a small vacation. and maybe strong drink. not in that order.

There seems to be a trend happening. Open one Saturday, Closed the next. Apparently, the trend will be continuing this week as well... I cannot be in 2 places at once and the store will be closed on Saturday. I will be somewhere in roughly the 16th century where they frown on time/space manipulation or the creation of timeline paradoxical issues. I choose the 16th century this time around, and I've had my vaccines so I should be all set for a little time travel, because I have had a small nervous breakdown and need a little vacation.

I've suffered this week with a deadline for the website. A complete overhaul involving something called 'frames' and the purchase of new software... and the occasional sacrificial chicken & the lighting of a few candles (who is the patron saint of web design, anyways? I seem to have pissed him/her off somehow.)

I finished the site in the new software... and made the command decision that 'I knew what I was doing' and 'I've done this a dozen times' and so boldly (stupidly) uploaded the new & improved website... and overwrote the original without a backup. Or putting it in a test location. And then? Then I went to bed after patting myself on the back for a job well done. Then I made the mistake this morning of checking my email. After several frustrating hours learning that most images were missing from the domain, making the new pages pretty boring (as in, missing any images), I gave in and called the hosting company.

They saved me by restoring from a backup, and I, who (long ago) in a dazzling career path, went from pc helpdesk support tech all the way up the chain to IT Manager... listened to a speech from tech support about 'test environments' and 'backups'. (I think I wrote the speech he gave me when he was still in grade school.)

Moral of the story children, is to backup your original data, put your new data in a test directory, and have your friends test things on 4 different browsers before you overwrite ANYTHING. And go with a Linux server for your hosting service. The restore was free - a windows server would have cost me $150.00 for a restore. So after a stiff drink and a visit to the 16th century, I'll try again on the web stuff.

In the meantime, here are some of those updates. New yarn colors, anyone? Bunches. How about some Roving?

Yarn - Jen's Dragonfly

Roving - Empire Apple & Woodland Forest to start things off.

Go for it.

P.S. Please remember that the store is not open on Mondays!


Chalyn said...

i forget that you were in IT. next time we have issues with erin's computer i'm totally contacting you.

have fun in the 16thC, watch out for fleas.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I can't believe you did that, no backup, no test copy. How soon we forget. Thank goodness it turned out okay.