Saturday, April 18, 2009


So, I'v spent the day at the store with family, working out where to put everything. Big stuff was easy to figure out, and I felt like progress was being made every few minutes. Looms go there, yarns hang on that wall, kits go over there... easy-peasy.
Then things slowed down a little. Put up pegs, decide in what order to hang the yarn... by color family? by patterns? 'Donkey-on-the-tail' throw it on the wall version? What about the kits? Medium vs large? all the mediums on one side, and the larges on the opposite side? Would the customer understand it? In a couple of days, the basics had been established.
Then the little things. Where does the shelf of soap go? What about the Lavender Tea? Buttons? Does all this stuff have price tags yet? argh. Woven Scarves. Those should go by the looms... no rack by the looms. hmm. Rearrange fixtures... oh look! New fixtures we bought from another store! Swap fixtures, rearrange more... argh again. Where's the drill? Flat head screwdriver? Those are both at home. With the stapler. double-argh.

Anyways, things are progressing, pictures in the next day or so. Tomorrow I'm not at the store, I'll be here with Twiggi getting some multi-tasking dyeing done, so I'll have some pictures of that as well. There are several new yarn colorways ready to go, and tons of roving.

And, if you haven't heard... we're having a party for Ravelers at the store on Saturday the 25th which maks the 23rd my 'deadline' date for being ready to go. If you Ravel, and you'll be in the area of ShoppingTown Mall on April 25th after 2pm, stop in for a visit and say hello!


Colleen said...

How come Holiday Yarns isn't listed in the "new" or "coming soon" sections of the mall directory?

Jennifer said...

ahhh Colleen, ever watchful. I can only assume that the cogs of bureaucracy move slower than I do ;-)

Caroline M said...

When the pain stops it will all be worth it (just like dyeing club yarn really).

Dan said...

It's happening! Can't wait to see photos!