Saturday, January 17, 2009

Have Stitch Marker, Will Travel.

So I've cast on (for the 3rd time) a mobius (in colorway Neo, with 3 strands together on size 11 needles). I finished casting on and was all set to start the first row when I realized I was without a stitch marker. Now, I was not at home but sitting in a waiting room of sorts without my knitting bag - it was in the car, it was a billion below zero (ok, it was 14F), and I am basically lazy.
Amazingly, I could not find any different colored string, piece of plastic anything, twist-tie... nothing. I did however, have my car keys. I could NOT however, get the blasted key off the ring, so I did this instead:

Now, this worked perfectly, until it was time to leave:
Get in car.
Look at knitting.
Look at steering column.
Look at knitting...
Drive home:

(I prefer to think of this as pure genius rather than any desperate attempt on my part to sit on a cold chair in a drafty room without knitting.)


In other news, You missed the January 15th Deadline!! Woe to you, my friend. You missed the guaranteed free skein of yarn in the colorway of your choice for signing up for the TsockFlock Sock Club 2009 before Jan. 15th.

Bummed out? How about a chance at a skein of yarn anyways? There's still room in the ol' database of names for 2009 so if you sign up now, I'll have a drawing from the sign-ups (from the 15th until the club is full) for that free skein of yarn in your choice of colorway. No guarantees, but there's a good chance at 400 yds of free sock yarn just for signing up. I'll wait right here, you go take a look.


Anonymous said...

This is true creative thinking, and the color looks very nice with your car!

Dan said...

Two? Two entries in barely more weeks? Do my eyes deceive me? Is the apocalypse nigh upon us?


Looks like it works to me! Much better than ::shudder:: being without knitting.

Cathy-Cate said...

You've just made a lovely, ever-changing and un-mis-placeable keyring! (I'm glad it fit next to the steering wheel, that was a potential problem.)

Absolutely, brilliant problem-solving in my book, and no one was harmed during waiting.

Tsarina of Tsocks said...

Hey... you could market those. Jennifer's Dual-Purpose Stitch Marker - slices, dices, makes your squaw's legs silky-smooth, makes your car run. It's a great get-rich-quick scheme. Especially if you include the car.

Colleen said...

Oh, Jennifer.

Luckily I was DONE with my tea before I read this!

Why do you have a orange tag on your key chain?

but, you know...if it works...