Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow Day...

So.. my laptop hath bit the dust. Again. Data retrieved and on a cd, and now I am working on Nora's laptop (see: very old, outdated software and arguing over who's turn it is to either play elementary games or get some work done).

Look! Wintergreen Candy Cane Yarn, self-striping! (please excuse the photo quality. we're working on it but it's a different laptop... did I mention?) I'll get it on the website as soon as it's my turn with the laptop later today...

So it's a snow day today! You know, when we lived in the back of beyond, 4 inches of snow was no big deal. Plow trucks came by at the crack o' dawn and the bus was on time and the kids went to school as usual. Here? 4 inches and every school district gives up and stays home. Had to plow out our own road to get husband off to work, and still haven't seen a city plow truck. So, we're having a snow day. Now, if you'll excuse me, Nora & I have to go shovel some snow, look into building a snowman, and then watch 'Horton Hears a Who'.
...P.S. On a club update note, we're just about ready to ship out the 5th kit of the TsockFlock Tsock Club. Most kits this year have averaged at least 3 skeins of yarn (or skeinlets etc) giving me about 600 things to put in the pot, somehow or another. Somehow, we've wrangled this one into roughly 1400 skeins to go out this ol' round-up. (Love the cowboy-ish references or what?)

Holiday knitting progress:

The answer to my Christmas knitting list: Get the recipients to knit (or crochet) and give them yarn for Christmas. 2 down, 17 to go.


Caroline M said...

If we had four inches it would be a national crisis. Last weekend there was snow forecast and the news was full of it. They went on and on about it but in the end it missed us altogether.

I suppose I ought to get that second green sock done and the rose from the sock before...

Anonymous said...

Can I be on your gift list?
I *wish* someone would give me yarn!

(Hey, two of my coworkers -- one of whom is a crocheter, and the other a daughter of a longtime knitter/crocheter -- gave me a gift certificate to a LYS, just as good! They know me!)

Love the wintergreen. It really appeals to me. My green-lovin' daughter would probably like it too.

I was going to say something about 'wussy city types', except I live in a smaller city (but a real city despite what my Chicago husband says -- you know, it has more than one high school and movie theater!) and though snow is no big deal here, what happens is all the rural schools will close long before the city schools will, because they have such long bus routes and tenuous rural roads, and those are not going to be plowed right away. So after bigger snows, the list of closed schools will go on and on, and just as many will be 'delayed two hours', but my kids' schools will still be open, and boy, will they whine!

This week, however, we had a snow day with a measly 8 inches of snow. (My guess is because it was still snowing and blowing some in the morning. The snow was mostly overnight. They did wait till the last minute to call it.) The girls were happy, but if we have more than one snow day, school gets extended in the spring/June, and THEN they won't be so happy! Last year, we had a record-breaking snowy December and no snow days (it kept snowing on weekends and then during the break).

Anonymous said...

"hitherandyarn" is me --
Cathy aka Cathy-Cate. I never know how I'm going to show up in the comments.

Sally M said...

Love the new green, and the red striping yarns. Now just have to rationalize buying more sock yarn, oh yeah...Merry Christmas to me! I like it :)