Sunday, August 17, 2008

What's New?

Blog? I'd like to introduce you to the new Yarn Pixie (Ain't she purty?):

Yarn Pixie? I'd like you to meet the blog.

Yes, this means we've come across someone in Pixie-land who wants to come work here with the Yarn Fairy, and we're absolutely thrilled to have her. She knits, she weaves, she spins, she does voo-doo on a chakra wheel, and she knows how to 'make yarn go' around here. She brings with her some awesome ideas that I think you all will love in the coming months.
She is moving all the way from the grand country of Texas, and is looking forward to actually using all of the hand-knit woolen goods she's amassed while waiting for winter down there. She is expected here in early September, and we can't wait!
Take a minute and tell miss Glenna Chumbley congratulations in the comments, will ya?

And in other news, I recently had the chance to be in the right place at the right time. You see, there was a lady who wanted to learn to knit but missed our appointment. I had yarn on needles ready for her to start her first hat, in pink for her daughter. When she didn't arrive for our class, Nora & I headed off to Karate and that's when fate stepped in. There was a young girl there sitting next to me during Nora's class with a broken leg. I was working on a sock (big surprise, eh?) and she asked about it. She explained that she'd recently gotten a knitting kit, but neither her nor her mother knew how to knit and it was all greek to them.

hmmm. recipe:

  1. yarn on needles ready to go with instructions in bag.

  2. young lady wanting to learn to knit

  3. person with teaching skills on just such a subject

By the time Karate class was finished, she was happily knitting away on row 2 when Nora came over. She took one look at the young lady knitting the yarn that was previously in mom's bag, with mom leaning over to help this 'other' girl, and announced loudly: "I'm learning to knit!" hmm. a little jealous maybe?

We have tried in the past but with little success. She refused to let me show her more than one time, she refused to sit still for more than 2 minutes, and was then wildly frustrated when she didn't produce any 'knitting'. This time? This was diferent. Over the next week, she told everyone we met she was learning to knit. She produced 2 needles and about 3 feet of sock yarn and told me she was going to knit. One needle was a 10dpn, the other a 5dpn. I feared the conversation regarding the needle choice and string length but started anyways... and she listened. She put the string in the trash. Gave me the needles and asked which ones she should go get from my bag. I explained we needed heavier yarn, like the hat yarn the girl at Karate had, and so she announced she wanted to dye the yarn for her hat. hmm. I gave it a couple of days, she persisted.

2 days ago, we dyed the yarn in purple and gold. She pestered me until it was dry and wound into a ball. She stood by patiently while I cast on for a hat. I faced with trepidation our first knitting lesson.

She sat next to me on the couch.
I showed her a knit stitch several times, and she watched quietly.
I put the needles in her hands and knit a couple of stitches with her.
She knit the next couple of stitches, and automatically her fingers held back the stitches on the left needle so they wouldn't slide off.

We worked on where to keep the stitches on each needle in relation to the tips so they don't fall off, I fixed a couple of drops as they happened. She knit almost the whole first row before we took a break. We've sat on the couch a couple of times today for short knitting sessions, a few stitches knit and then taking a break to play. She asked me once how far the girl at Karate had gotten on her first lesson. Interesting. She talks now about teaching dad to knit when she teaches a knitting class. Hear that? My daughter will be teaching knitting in her yarn store, and her store is going to be next door to mine so we can visit because we're both dyers (her words, not mine).


georg said...

Hooray for Nora!

(psst all offers concerning knit socks still stand)

And Congratulations, Glenna!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Glenna! BTW, I like your pixie background yarn a lot.

Congratulations, Nora! A little competitive streak is sometimes a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Aww . . . and amazing! Clearly the fiber gene came through to Nora in full form. Congratulations all around! And a pixie arriving from Texas -- wow! Next thing you'll be opening franchises all across the country.


Caroline M said...

Let's hear it for new helpers and new knitters - both will give you more time.

Glenna said...

Background yarn is handspun, from the Butterfly Girl designs batt "Old Country Roses. I'm practicing the true method of andean plying with it and like the process a lot better than the bracelet thingy.

Hooray for Nora! Now she can knit with her own dyed yarn!

Wendy said...

Yay Glenna!

And yay Nora!


Tsarina of Tsocks said...


Watch out world!

Jen can haz Pixie, Nora can haz mad skillz, Glenna can haz werk, I can haz Tserf, better not anybody try to get in our way!

Colleen said...

How many girls learn to knit on their own handpaint???? And is she doing that in the round?

This kid is clearly destined for greatness!

Welcome, Ms Yarn Pixie!

LICraftgal said...

First off, Go Nora!!! Good for you, happy knitting.
Second, Congratulations Glenna!
And where may I ask did you get that fairy??? I really love that one.

Vero said...

Official congratulations to Glenna! Hurray for having a job you love with fun people :)

And Go Nora!!!
My daughter is still in the wontlistenwontsitstillgetsimpacientfornotproducingfabric stage :) Hope is not lost I see!

Cyd said...

Congrats to Glenna! I'm sure it will be a match made in heaven.

And hurrah for Nora!

ZaftigWendy said...

Congratulations to Nora! You are going to be a wonderful yarn store owner!

pthpthpth to Glenna, which she knows means that I love her.

Knifty Knitter said...

Congratulations Glenna! I'm jealous! When I grow up I want to be a Yarn Pixie too :)

Go Nora! Keep up the good work.

onafixedincome said...

Oh, dear. The virus has another victim!

Counting the Pixie, perhaps two. Well, two MORE, I don't know just how many terribly infected folks there are out there.... :)

Cathy-Cate said...

Welcome, Y.Pixie, and that's so cool, Nora! Of COURSE she had to dye her yarn herself! Hopefully, that bit of competitiveness will carry through and she'll finish (unlike my girls, who are a lot better at starting projects than finishing them....oops, better not cast any stones, startitis doesn't only affect them, does it?). Just ask Nora about whether she thinks the girl at karate finished or not....

Jenn said...

Welcome to Pixie, and my heart is warmed knowing there may be a chance that I could teach my own young'n to knit. Thank you Nora!

Anonymous said...



Dan said...

Grats to Glenna! Grats to Nora! And that picture is unbelievably adorable.