Wednesday, March 12, 2008

General Updates

**If you are still waiting for your yarn or kit, I have not lost your order or dissapeared into the night with the money. I am expecting yarn from the mill in the next few business delivery days, and after that, and several sleepless days and nights, I'll mail out your packages. I appreciate your patience!
To entertain you until the yarn arrives, (Look! Something Shiney! Over There!) we'll use 'distraction technique number 32', labled 'Cute Animals' from the handy book of distractions. (These are the lambs that were born in February - a set of twins and a single. They are all doing great, even the one with the broken shoulder is now leaping & playing games with his mates.)

And here's another one...

And Look! Lambs!

And what's this? Ok, it's not a lamb but it was cute.

We'll follow that up with 'distraction technique number 17': yarn Pr0n. This is some of the yarn I dyed for a knitting class taught last saturday in Fonda. 4oz balls of worsted 4ply wool, I assimilated had 6 new/newish knitters! Fun was had by all, they are knitting hats.

Ok. You there! Back to work.


Tsarina of Tsocks said...

YOW! I bet you meant me, didn't you.

OK, OK, I'm getting back to work. Or I'll send you a cute cat picture to distract you. Or both.

Emily said...

I wish my eyes were that pretty and blue when I got my picture taken! (Of course, if I were small and fuzzy, I'd be more photogenic all around.)
Good luck with all the work and waiting.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Cows are totally cyoot!

Nancy said...

Pictures of cute animals and pretty yarn make the wait worth it!

Anonymous said...

I want kissez, too!!!