Thursday, February 07, 2008

Talk about your black hole...

Stephanie mentioned a time loop phenomenon happening with her totally AWESOME Vintage socks. Most knitters have experienced the Black Hole of Knitting during a project where you knit forever and accomplish NOTHING. And then there's that hidey spot in the universe, where the dpns and tape measures go, and sometimes they show up in interesting places giving rise to many theories like elves, gnomes, fairies, and (my favorite) matter-transport as seen in Star Trek (oh I'm waitin' for the day).

A similar thing is going on here, having to do with packages. I dye the yarn, I skein the yarn, I address envelopes and pack the kits, I stuff the envelopes, I take BAGS of packages to the post office (hi Dave the postmaster!), and I deliver them into the waiting hands of the Post Office, U.S. style. I mail between 15 and 25 packages a day on most days. The phenomenon? You still don't have your kit/yarn/package!

If your still waiting, I'm still packing/shipping packages. I appreciate your patience. Yarn for the 101Kits and the Fiber Festival came in, and I've been catching up those.

Some Updates:

  • Roxie, the last kit of the 2007 FlockSock Sock Club (please refrain from looking at your datebook) is getting ready to ship, along with goodies.
  • The first kit of the 2008 club is in the works.
  • Cleopatra is on the horizon as the first kit released this year from last year's club kits.
  • I think the new-for-Valentine's Day colorway is going to have to wait until March :-)
  • As soon as they get that matter-transport thing working, your packages will arrive WAY faster. Tell your congressman to get crackin on funding that one, eh?
  • On March 10th, after all the kits are gone, and I've dyed a whack of that new Valentine-in-March colorway... I'm planning on taking a nap. I'm a little tired so mark your calendars cause I'm taking the phone off the hook for an hour or so.


Emily said...

Getting my Vintage kit the other day totally made up for it being snowy, grey February with petrifying deadlines coming up at work. The yarn and leaves are beautiful. Thank you!

KnitbyGod said...

Jennifer - You are working SO hard to get all this done. Thank you for it! and keeping us updated.

Now - it must be time to make Nora start working for her living! Hee! Don't some people dye with kool aid? Wouldn't that be FUN for her!? (not you - the clean-up. but I can totally see her maybe running around trying out colors on the sheep before they're even fleeced. Hee!)

Caroline M said...

I have the same issues wuth my laundry, I wash it, iron it and put it all away but I never get to the bottom of the basket. At least your never ending job does vary in colour, I have the same items going round and round on my treadmill.

Tsarina of Tsocks said...

Well, hey, we've already been advertising for Xmas all year round, so why SHOULDN'T we have Valentine's Day in March? Makes sense to me. Uh-oh, that's probably kind of scary, isn't it.

Knitbygod, you think you're kidding? Koolaid schmoolaid - Nora already has her own line of lovely handpaints. Kid's got an eye for color. Funny, though, those skeins haven't hit the market yet. I don't think Jen wants to part with them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
I hope, you also appreciate my impatience - I am virtually vibrating with expectation! However, I try to be reasonable and understand, that other people need to sleep, eat and dress, too.
That guy at the post office, is he nice? (You meet him so often, he should at least present a nice view to you!)

Anonymous said...

I blame Lisa.

Anonymous said...

My yarn has arrived and is glorious from any perspective. Were I a magpie, I would clutch it in a claw, peer at it with each eye, then fly away to tuck it in my safest spot. Were I a cat, I would sit on it and hiss horribly at anyone coming near. Probably would do much the same were I a chicken, although I doubt chickens hiss.

Many thanks, much cheer, Karen