Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Surfacing for Air

VERY quickly, I do still exist. I have TONS of pictures waiting, and I've gotten as far as downloading them from the camera... which is a huge step forward.

I expect to catch you all up to date on the farm life in the next day or so, but for now let me just say that we recorded 28 lambs just for today. 28 new lambs, people. The spring newsletter is here, and should go out tomorrow but let's face it - it's ALREADY tomorrow and I haven't gone to bed yet so expect a postdate on that for Wednesday because my reality check is obviously broken.

Before I forget, if you have left a comment and hoped for a response... I cannot figure out how to answer you privately as Blogger sends me a copy of your comment via a 'no-reply' email address which seems sort of silly. So, I'm really really really not ignoring you or your question and I'll answer some of the asked questions when I start catching up in the next day or so on blogging. With pictures. Lamb pictures, shearing pictures, cutest-ever-4-year-old-pictures, yarn pictures, and numbers. LOTS of numbers.

Now I'm going to bed. Don't anyone wake me for at least 5 hours.


Lynne said...

I do hope you at least got some sleep! The rest of the plans seem to have fallen victim to the necessities of farming - or whatever. I'm glad you're still alive, however, and will continue to monitor for updates.

heather t said...

Yes, please let us (or at least me) know if you figure out how to respond to emails that come thru Blogger. I have the same problem. Congrats on your 28 new babies!