Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Changing the Look of Things.

First, a Store Update:

Classes! Sign up now for Kids (7-13) Learn to Knit class, and the adult Learn to Knit class starting soon. Needles & hand-dyed yarn, instructions and pattern, all included. You'll knit a hat, and start your 2nd by the end of class. $65.00 adult or kids.

May 31st: 1pm - 2:30pm, kids learn to knit - 1 of 4, meets 4 weeks.

June 1st: 6pm - 8pm, adult learn to knit - 1 of 3, meets 3 weeks.

June 2nd: 5pm - 6:30pm, kids learn to knit - 1 of 4, meets 4 weeks.

June 3rd: 1oam - 12pm, adult learn to knit - 1 of 3, meets 3 weeks.

Now. On to other Things.
So, last Friday night we invited folks to come hang out for a bit. While Laurie was here with us, knitting loverly socks, Nora was coloring with markers. She colored a sunset with neon yellow, and went over it with neon pink to get a brilliant and beautiful orange-red. I looked at that, and had an idea about Mint Mojito... Now I have this red dye that I swear has neon in it due to it's exceptional hot-pinked-ness. So with Laurie looking on, I took a skein of Mint Mojito off the peg and overdyed it in a good strong hot-pink.

What do you think of the Change?
Recently, I bought some 50/50 silk & cashmere for teh dye potz. This stuff is mighty purty in it's current state, I must say:
(More proof that I do know how to spin - and on a drop spindle no less.)
(Spindle by Jesh and we carry them in the store, dime by my pocket, spinning by my own wee little hands.)
The big 'Change' question here, is what color shall we dye some? In what amounts? 1/2oz? 1 whole oz? Your thoughts are appreciated.
Herder Extraordinaire:
So, though we are still sheepless here, we've added a new Border Collie of sorts to the store. Nora has named her Oscar in honor of our 'real' Border Collie no longer with us but without whom, we never could have moved 300 sheep and their lambs grazing across the farm.

dig the peppermint candy tucked into her collar ;-)


Colleen said...

I love the Change! It's so pretty! What does Nora think of that? It'll be interesting to see what she comes up with as she grows.

Wait'll you see the coloring Wendy did on my Knit Kit (gotta take photos), they came out great!

Abe points out that we might be able to plan our cross country drive to stop by and see your shop.

Unknown said...

Ooh pretty sunset! Very southwestern.

You still have mints left? I'm impressed.

Tsarina of Tsocks said...

ZOMG, the color of that Change! WANT. Want to spin, too.

Can you do the cashmere-silk in that color? Or any other color. I am so not picky; I'd spin that combination even if it was puce with taupe polka-dots.

Swords and Needles said...

Mmm...the new Mint Mojito reminds me more of cherry limeade than a sunset, but is gorgeous no matter what you want to call it!